Before the motion of no confidence, minus Imran Khan, I was asked to be the Prime Minister: Asad Umar | Pro IQRA News

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ISLAMABAD: Tehreek-e-Insaf General Secretary and former Federal Planning Minister Asad Umar says that before the no-confidence vote was offered minus Imran Khan.

Asad Umar revealed in an interview that we 2-3 days before the motion of no confidence was offered minus Imran Khan. I had just come back from Bani Gala when I got a call from Bani Gala to come back immediately. When I arrived, went back to Bani Gala. There were two men there, whose names I will not mention.

Asad Umar said he told me that minus Imran Khan’s idea, give me 3 names, it also said that one of these 3 names will also be your name, I replied that your mind is bad, Imran Khan’s Without PTI there is nothing .

The PTI leader said that Imran Khan believes in independent and impartial institutions, Imran Khan does not appoint his servants to the institutions but neutral people.