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Kaliaganj: He has been fasting according to the rules for almost a month. Begum Khatun, in her sixties, got up in the morning, poured water on her face, finished her household chores and went out to work in the field. He is a resident of Chirail Para of Bhandar Gram Panchayat adjacent to the city. There is no one in the family. The daughter got married 20 years ago. Her husband also died at that time. Therefore, in the struggle for survival, Begum Khatun finds no one but her own hands.

Begum Khatun is working as a day laborer in another’s land at the urging of her stomach with the hot sun on her head. There is no way even if the throat becomes wood in thirst. According to the locals, they could not bear the intensity of the sun and sometimes they lost consciousness and fell on the ground. But, who will provide two meals a day? So the next day Begum Khatun rushed to work on the land.

Begum Khatun said, ‘I get only two kilos of rice from ration per month. With that, what else fills the stomach for the whole month? At the end of the day, you have to fill your stomach with iftar or a little syrup. Neighbors, leaders are not looking for anyone. Leaders only come to ask for votes during voting.