Bhandara: Ready to capture the tiger, the tiger came and took the hunter along with the shooter in front of the forest staff. The forest department has been struggling for the last three days to catch the tiger Amy 95. | Pro IQRA News

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For the last three days, the forest department has been fighting for its life to capture the human-blooded tiger ‘CT1’. Scaffolding is being erected at different places in the forest of Andorra and the tiger is being guarded. A forest was created for the tiger to come into its own phase. Between seven o’clock on Wednesday night, the lion came and attacked Wagari and took him away. However, since it was night time, anesthetic injection could not be administered as per the regulations. Even after entering the lion phase, shooters continued to watch.

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A fisherman named Vinay Mandal (formerly Arun Nagar) was hunted by a CT-1 tiger in Andura forest of Lakhandur taluk. After that there was a stir in the forest department as well as in the taluk. Rapid Response Force teams from three districts and a team from Newgaon Inevitable Tiger Reserve rushed in to capture the tiger. It also includes two shooters per squad. Trap cameras have been installed at various places in the forest. Staff were deployed on scaffolding. A wall was built in the forest to attract the tiger. As soon as the tiger came into phase, all the forest staff started trying to capture him by giving him an anesthetic injection. However, taking advantage of the darkness, the lion took the tied Vagara with him.

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The gunner on the platform could see it all. However, as it was night time, an anesthetic injection could not be given to the tiger as per government guidelines. This type of debate continued throughout the day on Thursday in the taluk. Now everyone’s attention is on when the tiger will be jailed. Meanwhile, at 12.45 pm on Friday, a motorcyclist passing by Mandipar Road saw a tiger in front of him. This information was given to the officers of Nawa village Invasira Forest Range. After which there was a traffic jam on this road for a long time.


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