BJP leader Ratindra Bose has said that there is an Adinath temple under the Adina Mosque in Malda district of West Bengal. ProIQRA News

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State BJP vice-president Ratindra Bose has said on social media that the famous Adina Masjid in Malda district of West Bengal, a monument on the ASI list, stands on top of the Adinath temple.

“Adinath temple is sleeping under Adina mosque. Jaito Sardar gave his life to save this temple. This history is not known to many people. He was martyred while trying to save the temple from British and Muslim rulers. “The issue came to my mind again and again when I visited the disputed site yesterday with local MLA Chanmoy Deb Berman,” Bose wrote on Twitter. Lord Vishwanath of Kashi regained his place. Is it Adinath’s turn now? ”

The Adina Mosque was built in the late 1300’s during the reign of the Sultans of Bengal. In addition, the exterior of the mosque has elephant carvings and dancing figures. It was located in the historic city of Pandava, the former capital of the Bengal Empire.

The Adina Mosque was started in 1373. According to locals, pre-Islamic Hindu and Buddhist structures were reused in its construction.

Experts say the mosque’s design incorporated Bengali, Arabic, Persian and Byzantine architecture.

Residents say the area also has a mixed culture and Hindus and Muslims live side by side in peace. The fact that non-Islamic elements have been used in the mosque is well known in the area.

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