BJP trying to build ‘armed’ cadre base through ‘Agneepath’: Mamata Pi News

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Said, fire is being set in the name of Agneepath
4 year old lollipop being given for 2024
Shubhendu also accused of wrongly giving job
Sanmarg Correspondent
Kolkata : Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has made a big allegation against the central government regarding the Agneepath scheme. In the Assembly on Monday, the Chief Minister said that the BJP is trying to build its ‘armed’ cadre base through the ‘Agneepath’ scheme. Terming the scheme as an insult to the armed forces, Mamata asked whether the BJP plans to deploy retired Agniveers as ‘chowkidars’ in their party offices. Mamta said in the assembly, BJP is trying to build its armed cadre base under this scheme. What will they do after four years? The party wants to put weapons in the hands of the youth. Mamta said that the central government had said that jobs will be given but a lollipop is being caught in the name of Agneepath.
Mamta reacted to the statement of BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya that BJP will make retired firefighters of Agneepath as security guards.
In 2024, every person will become a bulldozer and throw out the government.
Mamta said that the BJP is trying to fool people through schemes like ‘Agneepath’ ahead of the Lok Sabha elections going to be held in 2024. They promised to provide two crore jobs every year, but now they are trying to fool the people of the country through these schemes, he said. Referring to Uttar Pradesh, Mamta said that why bulldozers are run there. In 2024, everyone will become a bulldozer and throw out the BJP government. On the other hand, regarding the Agneepath scheme, Mamta said that the country is being set on fire in its name.
Told Shubhendu, how to get a job in Midnapore
Mamta also attacked the leader of the opposition party in the assembly and BJP MLA Shubendu Adhikari and said that I know very well how the job has been given in Midnapar. Mamta said that how the job was taken from Purulia to Midnapore, can I tell?
On hearing these allegations by Mamta, the BJP MLAs went out of the house creating a ruckus. Taking a jibe at Shubhendu, he said that the name of Mandarmani has become Dadmani. In return for what, Dadmoni gave the job. Got used to eating himself, so now everyone threatens CBI.
Appeal to minorities, don’t get caught in conspiracy
Mamta said that I will request the minority community not to fall into the conspiracy of BJP. BJP will get the benefit of this. Referring to the incidents of violence in Bengal recently, Mamta said that in such a large state, only three incidents happened here which should not have happened. The incident that happened here in Rezinagar, Howrah and Domkal is condemnable.


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