Black Parent Project Returns to NB City Pi News

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The Black Parent Project returned to Riverview Town, NB

It is the only community in the Greater Monkton area that now has the lowest population in the entire province.

After some violent incidents in the last 12 to 15 months, a group of residents saw the need for it.

Black parent homes are a network of safe and secure places for anyone under threat or distress.

Jason Savage, head of the volunteer-based project at Riverview, said many people his age are nostalgic when they see this sign. He feels that this project is now much needed in his hometown.

“At Riverview, we had some issues with children experiencing bullying, and we were attacked at the park. As a result of events like this late last year, a group of us got together and the Black Parent project came together. The initiatives we brought in and it finally paid off,” Savage said.

To become a Black parent family, every resident over the age of 12 must have a criminal background check with the RCMP and then have a short interview process before being issued an ID.

Savage said the program is needed during the school year and when children are on vacation in the summer.

“The Black Parent program is needed all the time, and it’s not just for kids,” he said.

“You may have a senior citizen who may be distracted while he’s walking, they expect help. They see that sign, they recognize that sign, they can knock on the door, they can call someone their family. Go home safely.”

Riverview resident Denise Schaefer said some incidents of violence have been covered up by the media and she does not want to see anyone hurt, especially one of her children.

“I have a son in Spectrum who has autism, he’s 14 years old, and I would love to know if he’s in the neighborhood and if for some reason he is in danger, he can look for these symptoms. I know this is a safe place. It’s a great relief to my mind. Will be, “said Schaffer.

Savage said about 25 families will submit background checks this week.

This is a lofty goal, but he believes every street in Riverview should have at least one Black Parent ID.