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Blink 182’s Tom DeLong and Mark Hoppus complain to Adelaide crowd about ‘having to come to Perth’. Pi News


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After West Australian fans thought their dreams had come true, Blink 182 have broken hearts across the state, complaining they had to play a show “in F***ing Perth”.

In a 20-second video posted on TikTok by a fan in the crowd at the Adelaide Entertainment Center on February 11, band members guitarist and lead vocalist Tom DeLong and bassist and lead vocalist Mark Hoppus tour Australia’s west coast. .

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It’s hard to tell exactly what the duo are complaining about, but we can tell from a clip posted by Scott Huddy under the caption “Mark and Tom sound off about frustrated Perth crowd.”

“We had to go to Perth before we got here,” someone shouts to the South Australian crowd.


“Women are not pampered there! Be the devil, my friend! They are not stupid! They have no emotional ties…!”

Blink 182 performed at the RAC Arena in Perth.
Camera iconBlink 182 performed at the RAC Arena in Perth. Credit: Justin Benson-Cooper/ Justin Benson-Cooper

Then they also appeared in the American rock group Creed, and the other said: “F***ing Perth, here’s a song, they’re only thinking about Creed, that’s all they’ve done.”

However, fans who have traveled to other Aussie states for shows say the band have also branched out to other cities to attract crowds.

“They weren’t happy about going to Adelaide at the Perth show I went to, haha,” replied Sarah Williams.

“I’m glad we weren’t the first show, they always played the previous show haha.” Scott Huddy replied.

Another fan, Rebecca Passanisi, suggested: “They did the same thing about Melbourne at the Perth show”, while another suggested “they do it in every city”.

More than 10,000 Perth fans attended sold-out shows at the RAC Arena on February 8 and 9.

In a night of catchy hits, toilet jokes and middle-aged fans reliving their teenage years, one of the biggest surprises came from the man behind the drum kit.

Travis Barker surprised fans with his surprise vocal debut, playing the 27-second long track F*ck Face from his latest album – one of the most “punk” records they’ve ever made.

“We’re going to do something we’ve never done before,” DeLong told the crowd.


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