Block high roads for load shedding citizens across the country including Lahore Pi News

Load shedding across the country, including Lahore, block citizens’ high roads

Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) The worst load shedding continues in the scorching heat across the country, with people taking to the streets suffering from prolonged heat and power outages.

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According to private TV channel Dunya News, the rotten system of Lahore Electric Supply Company has become a nightmare for the citizens. Several areas of the city are without electricity.

LESCO’s power demand exceeded 5850 MW. Yesterday, NPCC provided 4900 MW of power to LESCO. The power shortfall had exceeded 950 MW.

As the load on the system increased, so did the claims of the LESCO management. Repeated tripping of electricity in different parts of the city tormented the citizens.

According to LESCO sources, LESCO’s system was not properly upgraded in winter, and as the load on the system increased, so did its flaws.

On the other hand, the power crisis in Karachi has taken the worst shape. The city is experiencing 12 to 14 hours of load shedding. Let out the screams of the citizens.

Meanwhile, the duration of load shedding has also increased in Peshawar. 880 MW force load shedding is going on across the province. 10 to 12 hours load shedding is taking place in Gulbahar, Nishtarabad, Sethi Town, Pahari Pura, according to Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) spokesperson. Due to hot weather, many feeders are tripping repeatedly due to overloading. Pesco is getting a quota of 1,590 MW. Load shedding of 880 MW is being carried out across the province.

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