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Bluey fans are furious after Hammerbarn gnomes were sold on online markets for ridiculous prices Pi News


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Aussies have been outraged by Bunnings’ Bluey-themed Hammerbarn makeover this month – with the limited-edition products now selling for ridiculous prices on online marketplaces, sparking outrage from fans.

In early February, the hardware giant transformed the exterior of its Cunnington store in Western Australia, as well as stores across Australia and New Zealand, in homage to the popular episode of the children’s television series The Blue Heelers. fulfilled. To “Hammerbarn”.

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In the episode, the dogs visit their local hardware store to buy a pizza oven, while the main characters Bingo and Blue handpick a trolley full of items to build mini-houses – complete with garden gnome ‘land’ .

As part of the makeover, special Bluey-themed merchandise, including garden gnomes – Hecuba, Jeremy, Tony and the Meditation Gnome – designed like the beloved Bingo and Bluey, flew off shelves everywhere. Now selling for $19 in the store, the gnomes are being sold for exorbitant prices on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Etsy.


A search for “bluey gnomes” on eBay brings up pages of ornaments, with single gnomes going for over $100 and four gnomes starting around $350.

Bluey gnomes are selling for high prices on eBay.
Camera iconBluey gnomes are selling for high prices on eBay. Credit: eBay

One eBay seller from Churchlands, WA, who declined to comment, was able to purchase a set of nine gnomes and is selling them for a starting price of $399 each. They’ve since sold out all of their sets, with one selling for $425 over the weekend.

Auctions for gnomes are also reaching ridiculous prices, some in the thousands, but one seller wanted to warn buyers what to watch out for, saying fake bidders are driving up the prices.

After seeing one of the limited editions of four gnomes and other merchandise on eBay with bids in excess of $24,000, PerthNow contacted the New South Wales-based seller to find out if it was indeed “for real life”. .

As it turns out, this was not the case: “Perhaps there were a few real bidders when it started, but now, unfortunately, no,” they wrote, and “fake people with at least three Facebook profiles ” They added in a Facebook post. they claimed that they had made a “fake bid” and that they did not want to pay if they won the auction.

An eBay seller warned about this "fake bidders" causing prices to rise.
Camera iconAn eBay seller has warned that “fake bidders” are driving up prices. Credit: eBay

They said eBay has seen the evidence and is now investigating. PerthNow has reached out to eBay for comment.

Bluey fanatics on the Adult Bluey Fan Club on Facebook were outraged at sellers trying to make a quick buck off desperate buyers, with one member Craig Jaycee commenting simply, “The people who do this.”

“I’m checking out these crazy high listings and reporting price increases,” he wrote.

Alongside a screenshot of a collection of Bluey gnomes for sale on Etsy for $550, an anonymous fan added: “Can’t be serious people can they? This is absolutely a crime.”

“We missed the gnomes and my 2 year old was very disappointed. Then I found them online. I hope the adults will enjoy trying to make an extra dollar!” they wrote.

Collection of Bluey gnomes for sale on Etsy.
Camera iconCollection of Bluey gnomes for sale on Etsy. Credit: Etsy/Facebook/Facebook

Others called the behavior of the sellers “disgusting” and the prices of the popular garden ornaments “insane”.

In good news for families, a Bunnings spokesperson has confirmed that Hammerbarn branded bag tags and bags are expected to be available in WA stores soon.

Gnome hopefuls will have to cross their fingers and head to the Cunnington store, the only site in the state.

“We are doing our best to ensure that as many customers as possible can purchase the range by only selling products in store and placing product limits on Bluey’s garden gnomes, but the popularity of Hammerbarn has exceeded our expectations,” said press secretary.


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