Boca already knows his rival for the semifinals of the Argentine Cup

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Argentinos Juniors went to the semifinals of the Argentina Cup, in which they will have to face Boca Juniors in one of the keys -the other will be Talleres, from Córdoba with Godoy Cruz, from Mendoza-, both next November, by beating San Telmo by 2 to 1, in an emotional match played at the Unique Stadium, in San Nicolás de los Arroyos.

Kevin MacAllister and Matías Romero converted for the winner in the second half, after Thomas Amilivia, trained in Argentinos Juniors, marked the opening for the loser in the first period.

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The emotional spectacle on the playing field had another special setting with about three thousand Argentine fans in the stands and around two thousand from San Telmo. what had not been seen in Argentine football for a long time with fans of both teams.

The synthesis:

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Argentinos Juniors: Federico Lanzillota; Kevin MacAllister, Miguel Torrén,
Lucas Villalba and Elías Gómez; Javier Cabrera, Enzo Kalinski, Franco Moyano
and Gabriel Florentín; Gabriel Carabajal and Nicolás Reniero DT: Gabriel

San Telmo: Alan González; Lucas Arce, Lucas Meza, David Achucarro and Franco
Quiroz; Damián Toledo and René Lima; Esteban Rueda, Sebastián Riquelme and
Thomas Amilivia; Javier Velázquez. DT: Pablo Frontini.

Goal in the first halfo: 37m, Amilivia (ST).

Goals in the second half: 18m, MacAllister (AJ); and 45 + 2, Romero (AJ)

Change in the first half: 42m, Gabriel Ávalos for Kalinski (AJ).

Changes in the second half: At the beginning, Jonathan Gómez for Moyano (AJ); 17m, Cristian Medina for Riquelme (ST); 31m, Gonzalo Añazgo for Rueda (ST); 41m, Luciano Gómez for MacAllister (AJ) and Matías Romero for Carabajal (AJ); 45m, Ramiro López for Lima (ST) and Rodrigo Depetris for Amilivia (ST); 45 + 5m, Carlos Quintana for Cabrera (AJ)

Incidents: They were expelled in the PT, 40m, Achucarro (ST) by double warning; and 43m, DT Pablo Frontini (ST) for an angry protest.

Admonished: Torrén, Reniero and Lanzillota (AJ). Lima and Depetris (ST).

Referee: Hernán Mastrángelo.

Stadium: Unique, of San Nicolás (province of Buenos Aires).

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