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The dead whale, found in the St. Lawrence River northeast of Montreal, may be the second of two minke whales spotted in the area earlier this month.

A Quebec marine mammal study team says it was rescued Friday from waters near Kondrigoir, about 50 kilometers from Montreal.

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According to a post on the Quebec Marine Mammal Emergency Response Network’s website, the 3.8-meter-long male whale is believed to be between one and two years old and was flown to Saint-Hyacinth for autopsy.

A humpback whale that died after staying in Montreal in 2020 had its skin covered with fungi similar to those found on the animal, indicating that the animal had died a few days to a week earlier, indicating that it had been there for a long time. Stay in fresh water.

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Mink whales are common in Quebec, but generally do not go west of the saltwater St. Lawrence estuary around Tatosak, Quebec.

The final neurological report is not expected for a few months, but the team says that the lack of food in the stomach has not been a recent cause of death, although there is no obvious cause for death or signs of trauma.

It says there are no signs of other mink whales, which were first seen in the Montreal area on May 8, both of which disappeared in mid-May.

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