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Bolton: Verdict on the attack on the murderer of Tyrone Williamson

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But a fourth man has been found guilty after Anthony George, 42, was seriously assaulted on December 11, 2021 in apparent retaliation after he stabbed Tyrone Williamson on Battenberg Road that same evening.

George, who has no fixed place of residence, has since been convicted of the murder of Mr Williamson, while four men later appeared at Manchester Crown Court charged with wounding with intent to attack an alleged revenge.

Jaime Hamilton K. said: C in the opening of the trial at the start of the trial: “At one point, George had a number of stab wounds.

Bolton News: Lincoln Road, Bolton is taped after George's attack

Lincoln Road, Bolton is recorded after the George attack (photo: Newsquest)

“The provenance of this knife, who it belonged to and who used it to inflict harm may be among the issues in this case.”

But after a trial lasting several weeks, three of the four men, Nathan Carney Williamson, 30, of Battenberg Road, Roy Minley, 29, of Rowena Street and Thomas Lynch, 35, of Wally Street, were found not guilty. Jury.

But a fourth man, 27-year-old Brendan Carney of Cloister Street, was found guilty.

Two other men had already pleaded guilty to willfully wounding after the attack on George.

Bolton News: Anthony George is now serving a life sentence for murder Anthony George is now serving a life sentence for murder (photo: GMP)

But during the trial, the court also heard from the defense that none of the four men on trial allegedly took a knife to the scene.

Carney Williamson’s defense attorney, Julian Good, made the point when he cross-examined Detective Sergeant Daniel Woods earlier during the proceedings.

Bolton News: Tyrone WilliamsonTyrone Williamson (photo: GMP)

Addressing the officer, he said, “The six men we know walked along Lincoln Road heading towards a confrontation with Anthony George. Is there any evidence to suggest that any of these men had a knife in their possession?”

The police officer said there was “no knife” in the footage.

Mr Goode then asked: “There is evidence to suggest that Anthony George had a knife.

“We know he stabbed, and became a murderer, Tyrone Williamson.”

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DS Woods replied: “He had a knife at that time on Lincoln Road.”

After hearing all of the evidence over the course of about a month, the jury decided to convict Carney while acquitting the other three defendants.

Carney will reappear in court on March 10 to set a date for his sentencing hearing.