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Bombing due to land dispute – Uttarbanga Sambad | Latest news and happening about North Bengal today

Vaishnavanagar: Vaishnavnagar hot on bombing due to land dispute. The miscreant fled as soon as the police reached the spot. No casualties were reported, however. The incident took place in Chokseredi village of Bedarabad gram panchayat of Vaishnavnagar police station. Vaishnavnagar police have started investigation. IC Nim Shering Bhutia said it was a problem among relatives. Police went to the spot. The situation is under control.

According to local sources, Mokles had an argument with Rajen Sheikh over a small space next to Sheikh’s house. After that Rajen Sheikh went to their house and threatened to kill everyone and abused them. Mockless’s son Rocky was walking out of the house on Saturday morning. Allegedly, at that time Rajesh threw a bomb at Murray Rocky. However, Rocky was not harmed when the bomb went off. The locals were startled by the sound of bombs exploding at 7 am. Rajen then fled the area. Vaishnavnagar police went to the spot after receiving the news. Rajan’s house was raided but he was not found.