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As the brother of federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, Gurrat Singh had a strong social media and public presence, winning his big brother’s old ride in 2018 and representing the NDP with 47 percent of the vote.

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A total of 38,495 valid votes were cast, more than half of the 71,695 registered registered population.

Brampton East has a fast-growing population, with many new voters likely to vote on June 2. The population increased by 22.4 percent from 2011 to 2016, increasing from 99,712 residents to 122,000.

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When Gurrat Singh returns to the polls, his name will be the only one from 2018, with the other three parties introducing new candidates: Hardeep Grewal for the Conservatives, Jannat Karewal for the Liberals and Jamal Blackwood for the Greens.

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The highly controversial Highway 413 project is a major election issue.

It is one of three 400-lane highways planned by PCs that run partially through Ontario’s protected green belt.

The proposed route is expected to cause significant environmental damage at the headwaters of major aquifers that support biodiversity in southern Ontario.

Research led by the Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition shows that the highway alone will form 2,200 acres of greenbelt land.

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The project has been condemned by environmental groups, including the Environmental Protection and Climate Law Committee Ecojustice, who have argued that it could have major consequences for everything from federally protected endangered species to human activities to the protection of ecologically important lands.

In a poll by EKOS to the David Suzuki Foundation, 65 percent of respondents across Ontario said the Duckford did a bad job of protecting the environment; 76 percent say Greenbelt has no place for a new four- to six-way highway; And 69 percent said the Greenbelt needed extra protection.

Both the NDP and the Greens have promised to scrap the plan.

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Singh has condemned both plans, and the relationship between Duckford and the developers has led to a $ 700,000 donation to the progressive Conservatives who promise to build it.

“So let’s get this straight. We do not know how much this proposed highway will cost, we do not know how much it will cost, we do not know how long it will take to build it,” Singh said in a video released on May 5. They try to do it as best they can. “

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Ontario’s Ford Classic ‘Friend-Runner’ Campaign Succeeds: Political Committee

Ontario’s Ford Classic ‘Friend-Runner’ Campaign Succeeds: Political Committee

This is a big split issue in riding as many residents working in the transportation and logistics sector, including Punjabi-Canadian truck drivers, want to see the highway built.

The NDP has promised to remove all toll plazas on Highway 407 for truckers, which the party says will immediately end the gridlock by reducing traffic on all 400 series highways in the area.

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Hardeep Grewal represents the Conservative Party.

Most of Grewall’s recent social media posts are direct re – tweets from Prabhmeet Sarkaria and Doug Ford, who hold the post of Brampton South Conservative.

Grewal has also been a lawyer for Highway 413, sharing promises that the PC government will make it a reality.

“Brampton is always on the move, and we need roads and highways to move Brampton,” Crawley recently tweeted in a Sarkaria video. “Duckford and Ontario PCs say yes, they say yes to Highway 413 on Brampton, which means saving passengers up to 30 minutes per trip, creating 3,500 local jobs each year and generating more than $ 350 million in GDP per year.

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The Ontario 2022 elections could have national repercussions

The Ontario 2022 elections could have national repercussions

With the Liberal Party, things are a bit more complicated. While the party has stated its opposition to the plan, its Brampton East candidate, Jannat Carey, has voiced its support for Steven del Duka and the Liberals’ platform.

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In a Punjabi language interview on May 11, he said there was no harm in setting up the highway.

“We will definitely build this highway, but first we need to focus on education,” Carrell said. “Children are our future, they will fulfill our staff. So we want to invest in them this time and then build this highway.

On May 16, after public protests, he contradicted his earlier statements by saying that he fully supported the plan to remove Highway 413. In a debate released on May 18, he returned to his previous support, saying the Liberals wanted to build the highway. 413 after first investing in education.

“Before we start digging the highway, I think the Liberal Party of Ontario and the Liberal leader Steven del Duga knew we needed a university, after which people could actually use 413 and not just truckers, everyone could use it.”

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Focus Ontario: May 28, 2022

Focus Ontario: May 28, 2022

The tweet he made on May 16 was his first post since 2018.

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The Pointer did not respond to a request from the Ontario Liberal Party to find out why Carey had clashed with the party.

Jamal Blackwood is representing the Green Party in this election. He is a 28-year-old Toronto Metropolitan University student who believes in the ability of young people to solve today’s most important problems such as climate emergency and housing crisis.

The Greens spoke openly against Highway 413, their website with a petition for residents to sign up to oppose the plan.

“Highway 413 was irresponsible when it was first proposed under the Liberals, and now it’s no different. But Duck Ford is very keen to set where we want it,” it says.

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