Braverman: Illegal arrivals to UK will be removed quickly under new law, while workers attack its ‘inflammatory language’ – Live | Policy | Pro IQRA News

Braverman: Illegal arrivals to UK will be removed quickly under new law, while workers attack its ‘inflammatory language’ – Live |  Policy

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Simon ClarkThe former Tory Minister of Settlement has asked Braverman to commit to leaving the European Court of Human Rights if he thwarts the bill.

Braverman The government says it believes this bill is in line with the government’s international obligations.

Peter Boone (Con) claims that the abuse of modern slavery law prevents assistance from using real victims.

Braverman Approves. She says it now takes 500 days to process a claim involving someone who says they are a victim of modern slavery.

Tommy Sheppard The SNP asked Braverman to confirm that the government intended to raise its exclusion from the Council of Europe (which oversees the European Convention on Human Rights). He says the bill is “despicable and shameful”.

Braverman He ignores the European Court of Human Rights question, and defends the bill as merciful.

Braverman He says the left believes “naively” that everyone on a small boat is fleeing persecution. Many of them, she says, are young economic migrants.

Mark Francois, head of the ERG, says the “elephant in the room” is the European Court of Human Rights. He says the government should “confront them”. Will the bill include measures to address this?

Braverman He says this is a complicated issue. There is a procedure in the bill to repeal parts of the Human Rights Act. She says that should send a message to the courts.

Khaled mahmoud (tester) says this plan is not workable. This is purely political, and aims to win Red Wall seats, “at the expense of xenophobia and racism,” he said.

Braverman He says it is irresponsible to say that anyone who wants to control immigration numbers is a racist.

John McDonnell says Braverman’s “inflammatory language” puts asylum seekers at risk

John McDonnell Lapp says his constituency of Hayes and Harlington may have the highest number of asylum seekers in hotels. He met them. Some of them were injured as a result of torture. They have skills and they can work. Will the Ministry of Interior provide a monthly report on the process that is being carried out in handling these claims?

He asked Braverman to tone down her “inflammatory language”. He says it puts these people and the people they represent at risk.

Braverman He says that the processing of orders is being accelerated.

It does not address the point of language.

Hillary Ben (Lapp) asks whether the bill is compatible with Articles 31, 32 and 33 of the Refugee Convention.

Braverman says the government is confident the bill is compatible with all of its international obligations.

(You can never be certain if a bill includes a section 19(1)(b) statement. See 10.33 a.m.)

Joanna Cherry The SNP says courts will find that such actions are inconsistent with international law and the European Convention on Human Rights. I asked Braverman to confirm that the government knows this, and intends to run in the next elections promising to withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights.

Braverman He says the Supreme Court recently ruled that Rwanda’s policy is compatible with the Refugee Convention.

Tim Lawton (Kun) tells Braverman that the government should ask France to join the Rwanda Joint Plan.

in her reply, Braverman He did not address that suggestion, but stressed that deterrence is key. She said:

Deterrence is the main theme running through these measures. We want to send the message loud and clear to those smugglers, to those considering crossing the Channel: Don’t do it.

Don’t hand over your life savings, don’t get into that flimsy canoe, don’t risk your life, because you won’t deserve to live in the UK.

Diana Johnson When her committee did its investigation, the chairwoman of the Labor Party’s home affairs committee said it found the system had not been overburdened by the increase in small boat crossings. It was being overwhelmed by claims processing problems, due in part to “under-resources by successive governments in personnel and technology”.

Paula Parker If Rwanda can only take 200 people, says Lapp, what will happen to the other 44,000 asylum seekers?

Braverman She says she is proud of the Rwanda deal. Thanks Priti Patel for working on the scheme. It says it was upheld by the Supreme Court.

At work Diane Abbott She said she deplores Braverman’s attempt to seek to discredit immigrants as murderers and rapists. Abbott says she would never support any measure that would have sent her parents to Rwanda. She says Rwanda can only accommodate 200 people. She says Braverman’s plans are “unfortunate and unworkable”.

Braverman He says it is wrong to confuse people who come here legally with those who come to the UK illegally.

Lee Anderson, The Tory vice-chairman claimed Keir Starmer said, when asked if foreign murderers and rapists should be deported, it depends on the circumstances. He asks if the bill will get rid of foreign murders and rapists.

When asked by a reporter if foreign rapists and murderers should be deported back to the country they came from, the opposition lawyer replied, “It depends.”

Well, I say get rid of. So is the Home Secretary…can she confirm that this bill will actually get rid of the foreign rapists and murderers?

Braverman Anderson is right to criticize Labour’s position.

He is right to point out the shameful position adopted by the Labor Party. We have taken measures to facilitate the removal of foreign rapists, drug dealers and murderers. What does the Labor Party do? They write letters to stop us.

Stuart C MacDonald For a SNP, there is no such thing as an illegal asylum seeker.

He asked if Rishi Sunak would tell Emmanuel Macron when he meets the French president at the weekend that the UK would be willing to leave the European Court of Human Rights.

Braverman She ignores this question in her response, criticizing the Scottish government for not housing more asylum seekers.

Suela Braverman Yvette accuses Cooper of “hysteria, history and criticism” in her response.

She claims that Labor’s call for safe and legal pathways for asylum seekers would mean virtually unlimited access for people.

She claims that Keir Starmer and Labor don’t even want to stop small boat crossings, because they think it’s “bigotry” to think that way.

Labor says the bill is not a solution but risks making the situation worse

Yvette CooperShadow home secretary says government has promised to tackle this problem before. But she says she failed.

It says the crossings have reached a record level. Convictions against smugglers have halved, and the backlog of asylum applications has grown. She says the system is a mess.

She says Labor has a serious plan to get the National Crime Agency to stop people smugglers and speed up the processing of asylum claims.

Priti Patel, when she was Home Secretary, also said she would stop people arriving in the UK from seeking asylum illegally. Cooper asks what’s different. She says the government has no return policy. She says the Rwanda policy is not working.

If the government is serious, she says, it will negotiate a return in agreement with countries like France.

She says the bill is not a solution. He risks making the situation worse.