Bray ranks on Time Out’s list of the world’s most underrated travel destinations for 2023 – The Irish Times | Pro IQRA News

Bray ranks on Time Out’s list of the world’s most underrated travel destinations for 2023 – The Irish Times

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Bray is listed as one of the “Underrated Travel Destinations” in a new ranking from Time Out.

The list of destinations that global travel experts felt deserve “more attention” was released on Thursday.

The featured destinations have been selected with the help of Time Out’s network of expert local editors and writers “with the goal of inspiring and empowering people to discover places that pack a punch in terms of food, culture and experiences but are often overlooked by travelers.”

Other destinations on the global list besides Bray are Burlington, Vermont in the USA, Gippsland in Australia and Srebrenik in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The full list includes 14 destinations, with Bray taking 13th place on the list.

Wicklow has been compared to “Brighton of Ireland”, with a waterfront “brimming with cafes and restaurants”.

Tourists were advised to “wander from the harbor along the promenade to 800-foot Bray Head, which is well worth the hour’s climb for panoramic views from its craggy summit” and to get a Guinness at Bar Harbor.

Mongolia tops the list, chosen as being “much easier to get to, cheaper than people realize and offering a unique nomadic experience with a real sense of stepping back in time”. More than half of the country’s population lives in yurts (built with felt roofs, round), where travelers can stay and “experience the local traditional way of life.”

The country has “a plethora of natural landscapes and cultural activities to discover and explore” including the Gobi Desert, national parks, and festivals.

Second on the list is Lake Bacalar – an area of ​​”Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Yucatan Peninsula” that’s “often missed” from Mexican itineraries.

In third place is the Ecuadorean city of Cuenca, in the Andes Mountains.

2023 is “the year to travel to a place you’ve never been to — or perhaps even heard of,” Time Out deputy travel editor Grace Bird said.

“These under-the-radar destinations are real gems. They offer a local, authentic vibe that is often overlooked by travelers who focus on the usual check-list destinations.”

“Less-visited destinations don’t just mean fewer crowds and the chance to feel like you’re discovering somewhere off the beaten path – they can sometimes be more expensive to eat, drink and do than their squalid counterparts.”