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Brighton – Grimsby: FA Cup quarter-finals – live |  FA cup

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66 minutes “The score sheet this afternoon in the Emirates is a different version of the old Boom Xhaka Saka Laca,” notes Simon Pitfield.

64 minutes The referee appeared to threaten to remove the players from the field if Grimsby fans continued Throwing missiles of cut paper.

62 minutes Caicedo would hold his head and face after a few words and would go on and on, it’s a waterfall; We see the incident again, and nothing, the latter bringing the former to the ground and nothing more.

60 minutes Grimsby wins a corner, but there is a pause where Grimsby fans are told to stop throwing shredded paper onto the pitch. It’s a real flood! Sanchez claims the corner at the back post.

58 minutes But now come here Grimsby, Webster extends his leg after Hunt flicks a goal kick and McAtee goes in! But he can’t get his shot, and Sanchez gets out quickly, smothering him easily enough.

56 minutes Brighton cuts through again, and Marsh finds McAllister, who coaxes a cross into Undaff’s path. He draws the guard, squares, and Ferguson rolls home…but then, as they celebrate, the flag goes up. That took me a long time, to make a decision that was so obvious.

56 minutes Mitoma lunges in off the last one, crosses his leg and into the box…and then passes the hair curler Just wide from the far corner.

55 minutes “As an Arsenal fan, I don’t say this lightly, but the goal Ferguson scored was Perkampesque. Both touches were perfect, the way he slashed it into the corner is indifferent,” Kari Tolinius wrote via email.

Yes, I see what you mean. And like Bargkamp, ​​it has a bit of a standout, too.

53 minutes Arsenal now lead Palace 3-1, Xhaka and Schlupp on goals since the last update.

Goal! Brighton 2-0 Grimsby (Ferguson 51)

Evan Ferguson is a superstar! Colwell starts the move with a set piece in midfield, then McAllister curls towards Ferguson. But there’s just no work to be done, there’s a complete bloody transformation, and Ferguson does it brilliantly, extending his leg to smooth the ball before sweeping it in stride and away from the defender with another perfect touch, before calmly opening the body to pass Crocombe. Game over and What The player will become Ferguson; What a player he really is.

Ferguson scores.
Ferguson scores. Photo: David Cliff/AP
Ferguson celebrates.
Ferguson celebrates. Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

49 minutes Mars crosses again from the right, and a deflection sends him towards the far corner…and back at the far post! But the ball bounces straight into Undav’s path… which sure is splatter His shot over the crossbar!

48 minutes “Just catch up on the game now,” says Nick Shaw. “With the peach/pink Grimsby combo, I thought at first glance Estupinan was trying to slide a line.”

47 minutes “This is a contribution from Germany,” says Wolfgang Ludwig Mayrhofer. “When Michael Ballack was playing for Bayern Munich, I always wondered why they didn’t chant ‘Baby Baby Ballack-Ballack.’” Hopefully no one outside of Germany knows this kind of shit, but I just found out it was originally written and sung by a chubby checker”.

46 minutes We go again…

Two changes for Grimsby: Hunt and Macati on Green and Orci; Brighton Colwell sends to Estupinan.

Adam Lallana told the BBC that de Zerbe was not impressed with the pace of Brighton’s performance in the first half, But he also notes that he is “never happy”. I fear for Grimsby after the break.

Half time: Brighton 1-0 Grimsby

Grimsby are still in it, but Brighton can step up from this if they need to, so it’s hard to see anything beyond a home win. See you in 12 minutes.

45 + 1 min Mituma writhed freely on the inside to the left, wagging his pen; He should have shot, but instead squared to March, whose shot was smothered at the source, then Grimsby countered with the half-second it took Brighton to respond.

45 minutes We’ll have one minute of extra time.

43 minutes “Thematically, Naby Keita fits more with Sickbed of Cuchulainn,” Niall Mullen returns.

He’s an odd deal, he’s — I know he’s, like I said, injured, but even when he was fit he didn’t look like the player he was supposed to be.

42 minutes Here comes Brighton again, McAllister turning another pass to the left for Mituma, who drops back…only to hit Gross wide. Grimsby can’t get any further, but they’re still in the game.

40 minutes “A complete collection of my own counties, almost 50 years old,” Richard Hirst wrote via email. “I’d like to teach the world to sing Fulham AFC. With Jimmy Dunn, Super Mitch and Alan Mullery. What a career I couldn’t have.”

almost u[ there with “But when we meet again, introduced as friends, please don’t let on that you knew me when I was hungry and it was your world.”

38 min Brighton are looking likely again, Caicedo winning possession high, accepting a return -pass from March, and skating across the face of the box before pulling a shot just wide of the near post.

37 min Brighton win a corner from the left, swerved towards the far corner by Gross; Crocombe tips it behind for another, from the other side. March goes short with this one, and after decent trickery from Gross, Mitoma shoots wide.

35 min “Naby Keita to the Pogues’ Navigator is a perfect fit!” tweets Andrew Gilbert.

33 min Now here come Brighton again, Undav, who’s played fairly well, sliding Gross down the right. His cross is a goodun too, and Mitoma’s sliding in at the far post! But – and this is pet hate of mine – rather than go with the foot that’s farthest from the ball, allowing himself a split-second long to get to it and more control when he does, he extends the nearer one and sends a shot wide. that should’ve been 2-0.

32 min Sanchez comes to the edge to snaffle a long ball and Grimsby want a penalty, but a VAR check shows he, ands the ball, were on the line.

31 min “Dissing the Kaiser Chiefs?” wonders Joe Pearson. “I predict a riot!”

The most sedate, one-paced riot ever.

30 min “Divock Origi he’s my baby…” announces Niall Mullen.

29 min Arsenal now lead Palace 2-0, Bukayo Saka with the second goal.

27 min Given loads of time on the ball, Webster snaps a ball in behind to meet the run of Ferguson – who pointed where he wanted the ball, received it … and botched his first touch thereby ruining his shot. Still, though, that was good play.

27 min I guess there’s Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney, if we’re admitting the existence of the Kaiser Chiefs.

25 min Brighton have stepped it up again, March mooching down the right and coming inside to curve a left-footed cross towards the near post. And Undav is right there, but can only direct his glance straight at Crocombe. A yard either side, though, and that was in – there was pace on that ball.

23 min The corner comes to nowt, Grimsby enjoy the 0.00063s for which they think they’ve a counter, then Estupinan slides in to make a challenge which stops it before it’s really got started.

21 min Brighton are struggling to get overloads out wide, so haven’t actually caused Grimsby too many problems aside from the goal. They’re happy in possession though, circulating possession until an opportunity arises … and here they come, Estupinan and Caicedo combining to find Mac Allister, who releases Mitoma … and his his cross flashes through the corridor before it’s stuck behind for a corner.

20 min A quiet period. In the words of Ryan Giggs, Grimsby would’ve took that.

Referee Jarred Gillett removes an inflatable from the pitch.
Referee Jarred Gillett removes an inflatable from the pitch. Photograph: Andrew Couldridge/Action Images/Reuters

18 min “Not a footballer,” tweets Pressure Drop Radio, “but La Isla Bonita by Madonna could have been written for Stanislas Warwinka…”

Ha! If we’re moving beyond football, Alborosie’s Kingston Town begins by referencing Sibley Dom Dom, the Surrey and England opener.

17 min But no, Grimsby move down the right, Efete finding Clifton who wins a thrown close to the corner flag. Contextually, this is a chance, but Maher’s long hurl is headed clear by Dunk and the whistle then goes for a foul of of some sort.

15 min Grimsby are struggling to get out, and a second Brighton goal looks inevitable. As I type that, Estupinan slips and gives the ball away, but Crocombe will now kick long, so presumably it’ll come straight back.

14 min Oh, Gabriel Martinelli has put Arsenal in front. They needed that after their midweek disappointment.