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BT Compensation Tribunal hearing begins for millions Pi News


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If collective action Land Lines (Call) founder Justin Le Patourel is successful, customers could be in line for £300-£400 depending on the length of their contract with BT.

After a series of appeals, the case is now fully heard in the Competition Appeal Tribunal.

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In 2017, watchdog Ofcom said after an investigation BT had unfairly charged millions of landline customers since 2015.

At the time, BT agreed to lower the price of its landlines.


However, Mr Le Patourel took the matter to the Competition Appeal Court because he believed the telecoms provider was owed compensation payments, claiming many customers were vulnerable and should be refunded.

Mr Le Patourel said: “We believe that BT has been routinely overcharging millions of customers over many years and that these customers may be owed hundreds of pounds each.

“Time is really of the essence. More than 40% of our claimants are over 70 and more than 150 of them are dying every day. It is vital that BT return each of them as soon as possible.

A BT spokesperson said: “We take our responsibility to customers very seriously and are committed to staying in touch with our customers, whilst helping those who need it most.

“This claim relates to a technical landline pricing issue that was resolved by Ofcom in 2017.

“We do not accept that our pricing was anti-competitive at the time, and we therefore intend to vigorously defend our position in the litigation.”


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