Budget approved in Yucatán: Eliminate staff bonuses

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MÉRIDA.- “These are not wasteful times, they are efficiency times; These are not times of excess, but of austerity ”, he warned yesterday Victor Hugo Lozano Poveda President of the Governing Board by announcing that they will eliminate the payment of bonuses and benefits to trusted personnel, they will reduce the administrative staff to 10% and cancel the payment of cell phones to the staff, to stick to the austere 2022 budget, which will amount to 140 million, 164,775.46 pesos.

By the way, again despite the fact that her bench coordinator Alejandra Novelo Segura signed in accordance with the Governing Board this draft budget of the Congress that was presented, the deputy of Morena, Jasmine Villanueva Moo, Not only climbed to the rostrum to speak against because “it does not convince me”, As he said, until nay, along with the morenista Rafael Echazarreta Torres, for which it was approved by majority with 23 votes in favor and two against.

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In general matters Dafne López Osorio, PAN deputy, taking advantage of the celebrations of the International Day of the Girl, International Day of Rural Women and World Day of the fight against breast cancer, which are commemorated in this month of October, spoke of the problems that women go through, especially health in the countryside, and proposed (without being put to a vote, just as a simple expression in the rostrum) that hopefully all government bodies light up their facilities pink.

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Of the matters in the portfolio, the draft budget of the Legislative Power was submitted to a vote of the plenary session, to turn it no later than Friday to the State Executive, so that be integrated into the fiscal package that will be applied in the State next year and must send it to Congress for discussion and approval next November.

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The proposed budget of the Legislative Power presented amounts to 229 million 743,448.87 pesos, distributed in 137 million 011,849.50 pesos from Congress, to which you have to add three million 152,935.96 from the Surveillance and Evaluation Unit of the Superior State Audit, which by the way, because it is part of the Legislative Assembly, has 89 million 577,673.41 pesos, to make the grand total of more than 229 million.

Lozano Poveda explained in the rostrum that, with this proposal for next year they will be able to work with a budget of 30 million pesos less, requesting a budget 16% more austere than the one required by the last legislature.

Therefore, the proposal is that 140 Million is allocated to Congress by 2022, unlike the 167 that the previous legislature requested for this year and only about 135 million approved.

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The coordinator of the PAN bench reported that, with the vision of do more with less, requested an in-depth analysis of the finances of Congress when the previous legislature left, to be clear and in order how they received this new administration, and that allowed them to know what are your areas of opportunity in budgetary and transparency matters in order to have a better allocation of resources in the future.

“Thus, in unanimity with the parliamentary coordinators that make up the Board of Government and Political Coordination, it is through this Budget proposal for Congress that we take one more step towards the construction of a Congress consistent with its principles and aware of its context: acting responsibly in the use of public resources, which belong to the Yucatecans, “he added.

The legislator specified that, in contrast to the budget approved by the previous legislature, for this year they will have significant savings that will allow the use of resources with greater efficiency.

Administrative staff will be reduced

First a reduction in administrative staff of 10% (unsubscribe about 20 people) that will be accompanied by a reengineering of the areas that make up this legislative branch, with the aim of guaranteeing a more efficient performance, making the most of the capacities and aptitudes of the people who work in this area.

At the end of the session, in an impromptu press conference he said that cancellations will be made in full compliance with the law; and even those who do not agree with their withdrawal are in all their right not to accept it and go to the authorities they consider.

They will eliminate bonuses and benefits

Secondly, the deputy continued, the cell phone payment game will be canceled; that although it is something that the deputies had already ceased to have, now it is done for the administrative, operational and legislative staff.

The payment of bonuses and benefits outside the regulations governing trust personnel, which were granted automatically and mechanically.

In his presentation in the gallery on the budget, the deputy pointed out that, demonstrating the interest that this legislature has in accountability, they decided that almost 40% of the entire budget of the Legislative Power will go to the Superior Audit, with 89 million pesos, which is almost double the percentage of what the IMCO recommends each state audit should have.

Deputy votes against

Speaking against this budget project, Jazmín Villanueva to justify her vote against even her own coordinator, said that, “those I represent, I am not authorized to sign blank checks, nor give benefits of the doubt. I have a commitment with them, with those who decided that I will represent them in this Congress expressing my conscious and consistent decisions and of course convinced about what I am voting for ”.

They approve the project

Finally, when this draft budget of the Legislative Power for 2022 is submitted to a vote, it was approved by majority with 23 votes in favor; including the vote of the coordinator of the moraine bench; only Jazmín Villanueva and Echazarreta Torres, both from Morena, voted against.- David Domínguez Massa

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