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In astrology, the change of zodiac signs of planets is considered very important. Changes in the zodiac signs of planets have good and inauspicious effects on all the zodiac signs. Mercury is going to change the zodiac on 2nd July i.e. tomorrow. On this day Mercury will enter Gemini. As soon as Mercury enters Gemini, some zodiac signs will get auspicious and some zodiac signs will get inauspicious results. Let us know how will be the condition of all the zodiac signs if Mercury enters Gemini. Read the condition from Aries to Pisces…


  • There will be sweetness in speech. Confidence will be plentiful. Take care of your spouse’s health. You can get cooperation in any field in business. The mind will be restless. Be patient in conversation. Family will get support. Try to stay away from unnecessary disputes. There will be profit opportunities.


  • Moments of anger can be feelings of contentment. Take care of family problems as well. Father’s support will be available. Expenses will increase. Confidence will decrease. Officers will get support in the job. There are chances of foreign migration for some special purpose. There are advancements.

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  • Be self-reliant. Try for peace of mind. With the help of a friend, wealth can be obtained from property. be in good shape. The trend towards religious music will increase. There will be favorable conditions in the workplace. Employment opportunities can be found with a friend.


  • There will be peace of mind. Family life will be happy. The means of income can be developed with the help of a friend. Patience will decrease. You will be troubled by the interruption in income and excess of expenses. There is a possibility of change in job.

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Leo sun sign

  • The mind will be disturbed. Confidence may decrease. With the effect of speech, the stalled work can be completed. There may be interruptions in academic work. Avoid excess of anger and passion. Family will get support. Interest in sweet food may increase. The child will suffer.


  • You will be full of confidence. Be patient in conversation. Avoid unnecessary arguments in the family. Chances of change in job are being made. There will be enthusiasm and enthusiasm towards the work. With the help of brothers, business can expand. Differences may increase with officers in the job.


  • Be self-reliant. Avoid excess of anger and passion. Family will get support. be in good shape. There will be an increase in self-confidence, but there will be a state of displeasure from moment to moment. Unplanned expenses will increase. You will get the support of mother. Long journeys are being made.


  • The mind will be restless. Take care of your father’s health. Medical expenses may increase. There may be opportunities for advancement in the job. There will be interest in religious activities. Spouse will get support. The effect of speech will increase. There will be an increase in respect in the family. You will get the support of friends.


  • There will be a lack of confidence. The mind can be disturbed. Try for peace of mind. Expenses will be high. Building happiness will increase. There may be ideological differences with the father. Family members will get support. be in good shape. Will be interested in delicious food.


  • There can be a moment of displeasure – a moment of satisfaction. Family life will be happy. There will be respect and respect in the family. Material pleasures will increase. Expenses on building maintenance may increase. You can get financial support from parents. There will be profit opportunities.


  • The mind can be disturbed. Take care of the health of the child. Be mindful of academic work. Family will get support. Inclination towards religious music may increase. There may also be difficulties in the workplace. Take care of the health of the mother. There may be estrangement with brothers.


  • Be balanced in conversation. You will get success in academic work. Intellectual activities can become a source of income. Take care of health. There will be a trend towards clothes etc. Spouse may have health problems. Sources of income can develop from a property.

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