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Pub’s pen reporter, Burdwan The Burdwan-Howrah local was spared from great danger. On the first day of the week, at 10:50 on Monday, a bogie suddenly derailed at the Burdwan station while coming from the Burdwan-Howrah local yard. The incident caused an uproar at the moment. Passengers panicked due to such an accident during office hours. It is learned that the accident took place when the local train was coming towards the platform from the carshed.

According to railway sources, the Burdwan-Howrah local train was heading towards the platform from the yard. Then a compartment of the train derailed. That room even fell on the side line. However, there were no casualties as there were no passengers on the train. Railway officials reached the spot as soon as they got the news of the accident. A bogie derailed in the middle of the train. The derailed bogie is removed.

Why or how did this accident happen? The Railways has directed an inquiry into this question. On the first day of the week, trains on the Burdwan-Howrah cord and main line were closed for some time due to the incident. Later train service was normalized.

According to railway sources, the train came out of the yard on platform No. 3 of Burdwan station. The 9:50 a.m. Cord Line local train was scheduled to enter. But then the train derailed on the way from the yard to the station. The other compartments of the derailed train were removed.