Noor murder case: 12 accused including main accused Zahir Jafar indicted

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The Sessions Court has indicted 12 accused, including Zahir Jafar, the main accused in the Noor murder case.

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On Thursday, Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani indicted the accused. Six accused, including the main accused, were produced before the Islamabad court from Adiala Jail. The six accused in the bail work also appeared in person on the court notice. The main accused Zahir Jafar, Zakir Jafar, Ismat Adam, Iftikhar, Jamil and Jan Mohammad were charged separately. Six accused, including Tahir Zahoor of Therapy Work, were also charged. The accused have pleaded not guilty. The court has summoned prosecution witnesses on October 20.

During the hearing, Zakir Jaffer’s lawyer Rizwan said that the evidence presented in the court did not belong to Zakir Jaffer and no indictment could be filed on the basis of these evidences. That the accused is currently being charged and is not being sentenced.

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Zahir Jaffar continued to intervene during the lawyer’s arguments. Zahir Jaffar said that my life is in danger and they are mentioning my property, not to mention my property here. Accused Zahir Jaffar revealed that Noor wanted to be a victim and he offered himself as a victim.

Accused Zahir Jaffer joined hands with Shaukat Muqadam in the court room and apologized and said that my life is in danger, have mercy on me. I had to come and go and I didn’t know it would happen.

What happened in the last hearing:

On October 7, the Additional Sessions Judge dismissed the defendants’ requests for copies of statements and CCTV footage. Judge Atta Rabbani had remarked that copies of the statements had already been provided and would now look into the matter of digital evidence during the trial. Zahir Jafar had stated in the court that he apologized for what he had done.

On October 13, the owner of Therapy Works challenged the Sessions Court’s decision in the Islamabad High Court to reject the documents. The petition seeks annulment of the October 7 decision. Tahir Zahoor contended that the Additional Sessions Judge rejected the request for providing documents without giving proper reasons and the court declared the decision unconstitutional and illegal and provided all documents before the trial. Order to provide.

Zakir Jaffar and Ismat Zakir appeal against the decision of the Islamabad High Court.

In addition, on October 6, Zakir Jaffer and Ismat Zakir, arrested in the Noor case murder case, filed an appeal against the decision of the Islamabad High Court. The appeal was filed by Advocate Khawaja Harris. The appeal contended that the High Court did not observe the principles of bail and did not properly examine the facts.

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) had rejected the bail pleas of Zakir Jaffer and Ismat Zakir, parents of Zahir Jaffer, the main accused in the murder case. Are The parents knew that the accused Zahir Jaffer had taken the girl hostage.

In its judgment, the court ordered that the accused reject the bail application of Zahir Jaffer’s parents. The trial of the case should be completed within eight weeks, while the police should present their evidence in court soon.

In a detailed judgment issued later, the court also said that the parents of the main accused did not inform the police despite having information. The watchman has clearly stated that he had informed Zakir Jafar. The detailed decision also refers to the decisions of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has said that aiding and abetting murder is as serious a crime as murder.

The ruling also states that having evidence of direct assistance in aiding and abetting a crime cannot, in principle, apply everywhere. Aiding and abetting crime can also be indirect, for which there is sufficient factual evidence. According to the Black Law Dictionary, non-compliance is also a crime. Zahir Jaffar said in a statement that he had informed his father before the murder.

In a detailed judgment, the court further wrote that whether the statement of Zahir Jaffer is admissible or not is to be decided by the trial court. Zakir Jaffer informed the owner of the therapy works after the watchman’s report. No attempt was made to inform the police even after the therapy works were informed. Bail may be denied in certain cases even on bailable provisions. Bail may be denied if the accused’s evidence or witnesses are likely to be affected. According to records, Zahir Jaffar’s parents tried to hide the evidence and clear the crime scene.

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