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Kolkata: A recent report by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) said that among the 19 metros in the country, Kolkata had the least number of rapes last year.
According to the report, Kolkata had 11 rape cases in 2021, while Delhi had the highest number of rape cases in the country at 1,226. While Jaipur had 502 rape cases, Mumbai had 364 rape cases.
Along with Calcutta, the place with the least number of rapes was Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, where only 12 rapes were reported, while Patna had 30.
According to the report, 165 rape cases were reported in Indore, 117 in Bengaluru, 116 in Hyderabad and 115 in Nagpur in Madhya Pradesh.
Also, the name of Calcutta is included in the cities where not a single case of attempted rape has been registered. In 2019, there were 14 cases of rape, in 2020 – 11.
Last year, Rajasthan recorded the maximum number of rape cases at 6,337, while Nagaland recorded the least at four. In West Bengal, 1,123 cases of rape have been registered. A total of 31,677 rape cases were reported in India last year.


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