Can Shinde Camp Approach Guv For Floor Test Can BJP Go For No Trust Motion 5 Maha Questions Answered rah mgb Pi News

Taking advantage of the Supreme Court’s relief on the disqualification of Maharashtra MLAs led by Eknath Shinde, the Shinde camp is now looking for a floor test and can reach the governor. Who rebelled against the Shiv Sena led by CM Adu Thackeray.

Sources in the Shinde camp said that the Supreme Court’s directive that they could not be disqualified till July 11 gave them the right to demand a floor test. Shinde Camp’s mood is tense and they are now examining whether this is constitutionally possible or not!

There is also a possibility that the Bharatiya Janata Party may take a no-confidence motion.

The monsoon session of the Maharashtra Assembly is scheduled to begin in mid-July.
What direction can the Maharashtra riots take:

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What is the meaning of the interim order of the Supreme Court?

The Supreme Court has restored the status quo on the action initiated by the Deputy Speaker to disqualify the rebel MLAs. This means that the rebel MLA is relieved. At the same time, official documents have been sought from the Deputy Speaker along with detailed answers on his role after the coup. State and central governments have been asked to submit an affidavit clarifying the matter.

Is the ball now in the governor’s court?

If a faction goes to the governor for a floor test, he is free to exercise his discretion.

Can a governor order a floor test during a Supreme Court hearing?

According to the Supreme Court’s 2016 decision in the Nabam Rabia v. Arunachal Pradesh Speaker case, the governor can test the floor. The situation in this case was similar to that in Maharashtra.

Until the matter is resolved in the Supreme Court, can the Governor take further action on the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly?

He can do it. In addition to the floor test, under Article 355, the president can send a report to the central government on the current rule. However, there must be a good reason to do so.

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Can the governor accept Eknath Shinde’s faction’s claim before July 12 and ask Adu Thackeray to prove his majority?

If one claims a majority before the governor, he can order a floor test. However, one of the parties has to make a claim.

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