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A new festival has opened at the Exhibition Grounds in Toronto with your own bud policy.

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The Grande Supper Club is already a popular destination for those who like swimming, sunbathing and tasting delicious food. The Cannabis Carnival is located on the property in the restricted area.

“We do not encourage cannabis consumption. We promote safe cannabis and responsible consumption, ”President Sladko Starkovsky told Global News.

He says they have worked closely with many companies in search of discipline and educational guidance. Starkovsky says they comply with smoke-free Ontario law.

Cannabis is not sold on the ground. Instead, customers should come up with their own.

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For hosts who prefer a smoke-free environment, there is a separation between spaces. It is closed from the surrounding exhibition grounds.

The summer event kicked off on June 17th. Starkovsky says the feedback so far has been positive.

“We noticed a lot of people smoking cannabis … in parks and around it, on exhibition grounds or in playgrounds. So we came up with a proactive approach,” he explained. “But more than 19 areas are fenced off from the public.”

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) provided educational guidance to the business in which posters are now on display raising awareness about the effects of disability and getting behind the wheel.

“Do not drive if you are tall. If you think you are superior, do not drive. This is an unnecessary risk, putting everyone, including you, at risk, ”said Eric Dumchad, MADD Canada’s Legal Director.

He urges people to plan ahead to return home safely. This includes public transportation, ride sharing, taxi or walking.

Dunsat says part of the echo in that system is that alcohol is not served in the smoking area of ​​the place.

“They were looking for people who could provide education and awareness. They are trying to do it right, ”he said.

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Will the public respond?

While the festival concept may be appealing to some, Richard Powers, national director of the Rodman School of Management, has his concerns.

“We have a long history of drinking and eating in restaurants,” he says. “We don’t have it with cannabis products. I don’t think we’ve been there yet.”

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