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International Award for Delhi-based filmmaker Shaunak Sen’s ‘All That Breathes’

New Delhi : The documentary film on the lives of two brothers who are bird lovers from Delhi has won an international award. Delhi-based filmmaker Shaunak Sen’s documentary ‘All That Breathes’ has been awarded the Ludio Award. It is also known as Golden Eye Award.
In 2015, Lascam, a group of French-speaking writers, made its debut at the Cannes Film Festival in France. The documentary was screened during a special screening at Cannes recently. It depicts the lives of Mohammad Saud and Nadeem Shahbaz, who rescue and treat birds, especially black eagles, in the village of Wazirabad in Delhi. The 90-minute long film was chosen by the jury as the winner. Under this award, 5 thousand Euro is provided to the winner.
*Also won the World Cinema Documentary Grand Jury Prize*
About 19 years ago, Nadeem Shahzad and Mohammad Saud rescued a black eagle on the streets of Chawri Bazaar near their ancestral home in north Delhi. Earlier this film also won the World Cinema Documentary Grand Jury Award on 28 January.
Didn’t think this film would reach here: Saud
Bird lover Mohammad Saud did not think this film would reach here. The entire team has done a great job in this film. I have just returned. The film’s director and Nadeem have left for another film festival. It is our effort that other people should also be aware and try to do something better for the birds.
*Till now treated more than 23,000 birds*
So far the two brothers have treated more than 23,000 birds, mostly birds of prey. Apart from this, he has also built a rescue center for birds in Wazirabad. At present, both the brothers are meeting the expenses of the center from the income of the soap-dispenser business running from the basement of the house. There are about 300 birds on the roof of the house of Nadeem Shahzad and Mohammad Saud.

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