Can’t buy cheap oil from Iran because of IMF deal: Foreign Office | Pro IQRA News

Can’t buy cheap oil from Iran because of IMF deal: Foreign Office 

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Islamabad: Foreign Ministry officials in the National Assembly Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs have said that apart from international sanctions, they cannot buy oil from Iran due to IMF loans. No, Pakistan’s work on the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline is still very small, but it has not even started. Iran has not asked for the $18 billion fine, but Pakistan could be taken to court in France. Expressing his indignation that the Foreign Minister has not attended any committee meeting so far, he urged the Foreign Minister to ensure participation in all future meetings.

At the meeting of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs of the National Assembly chaired by Chairman Mohsin Dawar, extreme anger was expressed on the part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for changing the minutes of the meeting and not including the views of the members. The Chairman’s Committee clarified that the Foreign Minister and the Foreign Secretary have not come to the meeting so far and they are directing the presence of the Foreign Secretary at the upcoming meetings, otherwise the matter will be taken up in the House.

Additional Secretary Syed Ahsan Raza said in the briefing that Iran provided financial assistance in several projects including Mangala Dam in the mid-60s and has openly supported Kashmir in every period. There is incompleteness. Iran has done its part, ours is far from done.

He said the project was supposed to be operational by 2015. According to the agreement, Iran can take us to France for arbitration and we have the potential to pay Iran $18 billion in damages for non-performance. Iran has not yet demanded any penalty. Experts do various studies on fines.

Special Assistant Tariq Fatemi’s wife and committee member Zahra Wadud Fatemi said that when the agreement was signed there were no restrictions on Iran, if there were, why was this agreement made? Other countries in the world buy discounted oil from Iran because these countries did not take loans from the IMF.

Our refineries have contracts with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which also give us visa Pakistan oil from Middle Eastern countries. This is why there are problems with buying Iranian oil. Not taking oil from Iran is a sensitive issue, where some countries must be mentioned that can be taken in the camera meeting.

India has established a separate bank to buy oil from Iran. Lack of banking channels is the main reason for lack of trade between Pakistan and Iran. Since 2002, electricity has been sourced from Iran for the Makran division.

Bolan Gabad lays 220 kV transmission line to export 100 MW of electricity. The committee also sought documents from Iran on the list of items with trade potential, prices and expected benefits for Pakistan.