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#Chamoli: News of the search for the mansakheko tree has caused a stir across the country. You can think, the tree is eating meat! A plant that is carnivorous. The tree eats the meat as soon as it comes in contact with the animal. After the discovery of this very rare tree, the research of the forest department has come up with shocking information. The study was recently published in the Journal of Japanese Botany. (Carnivorous Plant in Uttarakhand)

This information has been published in the well-known and popular century-old journal of botany. And since then, this man-eating tree has been in the headlines. This very rare carnivorous plant species has been found in the western Himalayan region. The first known carnivorous plant was discovered in Uttarakhand. The carnivorous plant is called Utricularia farcelata.

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A team of researchers from the Uttarakhand Forest Department has found the plant. The research team included Range Officer Harish Negi and Junior Research Fellow Manoj Singh. As it is known, this sophisticated and advanced species of plant can eat from protozoa to insects, mosquito larvae, and even young tadpoles. This carnivorous plant is commonly known as Bladderworts. The discovery came as part of a study on plant pesticide production in Uttarakhand.

Chief Conservator of Forests Sanjeev Chaturvedi said, ‘It is not only in Uttarakhand, but in the entire western Himalayan region. However, the plant was first seen in Uttarakhand. The researchers then found that the carnivorous plant was found in a wide area of ​​the western Himalayas. Then the researchers are conducting research on the nature of those carnivorous plants.

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