Case of fraud of Rs 20 lakh. Hoax to get rid of ghost spirit and extract gold from ground, 2 arrested | Pro IQRA News

Case of fraud of Rs 20 lakh.  Hoax to get rid of ghost spirit and extract gold from ground, 2 arrested

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Nagaur8 hours ago

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Two malicious thugs arrested for 20 lakhs fraud.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Two malicious thugs arrested for 20 lakhs fraud.

Uncovering a case of Rs 20 lakh fraud, Nagaur police station in Kotwali arrested the main accused Baba and his associates.

Police said that on September 8, a report was given by Mahendra Sharma, son of Kailash, a resident of Jajolai Nadi near Basni Road, in which he said that a caller in June 2023 claimed to be the master of Ashok Baba Tantric Vidya Narrated and said that he provides all types of services for all types of chronic illnesses, home disorders and business advancement.

He also told that your father must be included among the ancestors and perform a havan for peace. His father had recently died of a heart attack during the Corona period and after being told this by Baba, the victim believed him.

On June 5, as soon as Ashok Baba along with four-five other associates stopped their car in front of the victim’s house and entered the house, Ashok Baba and his associates made a loud noise and said that there is a huge crisis in your house. Havan etc. must be implemented soon otherwise more members will suffer heart attacks. On which the victim and his brother Vijendra got scared and came from the market with material to Havan. Then the havan was performed for two or three hours.

After digging a pit in the house, he took out a copper urn that had iron balls in it and said that there are gold coins and pieces in the urn, but it is possessed by a ghost, it must be appeased by paying a visitor’s fee, 51 thousand must be paid. Then they got scared and transferred the money to his bank account. Then Ashok Baba and his companions said that today the order has come to take out only one Kalash, don’t even touch this Kalash otherwise it will be burnt to ashes. Then left from there.

After this he did not return. But he called and said that there are more ghosts in the house to appease them and asked for more money for it. On which the victim’s family had transferred Rs 11,000 online on June 7. Then Pushkar called him to his ashram, the victims did not go there due to fear. But Ashok Baba and his associates kept calling and threatening money. In total, they were given more than 20 lakh in cash and online on different dates.

The victim said in the report that they came back again 15-20 days ago and took out another urn. In which there were some bones and garlands. Then he said that this soul must be left and it will cost a lot, and said that he continued to extort a huge amount of money. The victim told the report that under pressure, he grabbed lakhs of rupees and when he started demanding four lakh rupees, he became suspicious. Then on September 8 he came home again and said that he would give four lakh rupees or the whole family would be destroyed. In this way, Ashok Baba and his associates embezzled an amount of more than Rs 20 lakh through Tantra Vidya through intimidation and fraud.

Considering the seriousness of the case, the police started an investigation. On which a total of two accused including the main accused were arrested along with the safari vehicle used in the incident. Police arrested 32-year-old Ashok, son of Bhomaram Bhargava, resident of Joshi Mohalla, Pipar City, Jodhpur, Bhimjipura Hall, Ahmedabad, Gujarat and 45-year-old Manoj, son of Hukkamaram Bhargav, resident of Tankipura, Degana. A safari vehicle and sorcery materials were recovered from them.

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