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The Seventh Annual Story Superstars Party was held on Sunday to celebrate children who have raised money to help other children.

According to Alberta Health Services, Story Children’s Hospital is a pediatric hospital with “more inpatients than any children’s hospital in Canada”.

“It’s about making kids feel better, telling them about the impact they are having, and creating a day where they can celebrate,” said Martin Schultas, vice president of marketing and communications at Story.

Children raise money through events such as the Lemon Stand, making and selling jewelry and giving away Christmas and birthday presents.

“As a parent, I am proud to see that your children are selfless and make that choice,” Shuldas said. “I think it’s so powerful to give their birthday money and give up Christmas gifts and realize that you can make an impact on others you do not know.

“It teaches young people the power of benevolence, teaches them how to build their community, teaches them good values, and parents always tell us that this is very special for (children) and their siblings.”

So far, the project has raised over $ 1 million, bringing the total to $ 205,745 last year.

“I wanted to help those children get out of the hospital and recover,” said seven-year-old Elena Bulfon.

“It is a pleasure to help all the sick children because it is sad that they have to deal with everything when we have fun outside,” said his older brother Marco Bullfone.

Some of the money raised goes to hospital hospital care and beach renovations, as well as playgrounds and areas for treatment programs for patients and families.

About 90 Story Superstars were able to attend the event on Sunday.