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Celebrating 100 years of broadcasting in Scotland

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The National Library of Scotland is celebrating 100 years of broadcasting in Scotland.

The first Scottish radio transmissions were made from Kelvin Hall in Glasgow on 24 January 1923 – two months before the BBC’s initial radio broadcasts.

The National Library will hold a “Broadcast Festival” between March 28th and April 1st in the hall where it has its base.

The festival’s co-presenters include Gene Lewis, Shireen Nanjiani and Julia Sutherland.

The library’s resident broadcaster Alistair Heather said: “We’ll look back on 100 years of broadcasting and how it has evolved.

“Some of the biggest names in broadcasting will be talking about how we now report the news and the difficulties we face reporting amid misinformation on social media.

“We will also look at the diversity of voices – representing our Scots and increasing the confidence we have in our culture and how that is reflected in broadcasting.

“We want people to come with them, offer their expertise and share their experiences.”

Heather hosts three events at the festival – Gaelic and Scottish and News and Sport Seminars.

Other notable shows include “Women on the wireless” and “Cine[sthesia]: Deaf Legacy on Screen, and a Family with “Workshops, Performances, and Interactive Activities.”

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