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North Bengal Bureau: May 26 is World Menstrual Health Day, celebrated around the world to raise awareness about menstruation. The day is observed with the students in various secondary and higher secondary madrasas of Kharba-2 cycle to remove the cover of menstruation and to pave the way for normal discussion. Nayan Kumar Das, Inspector of Kharba-2 Abar Vidyalaya, said that the program has been enriched with the participation of various NGOs. Through this program, initiatives are taken to increase awareness by removing the misconception about menstruation.

On the other hand, women in Chalsa are made aware of various seasonal issues. Going from house to house, the health workers make the women aware. Awareness programs were organized in different gram panchayats on this day. Sanitary napkins are distributed as well.

Clothes should not be used during adolescent menstruation. For this you need to use sanitary napkins. With this message, awareness programs were held in various areas of Falakata on Saturday. In addition to raising awareness among teenagers, sanitary napkins are also distributed.

Menstrual Hygiene Day is celebrated in Changrabandha by a joint venture of Mekhling Block Health Department and Sini. An event was organized at the local block primary health center. Adolescents from various ICDS centers were present there.

Girls have various problems due to menstruation. Awareness about this problem and monthly and hygiene day was celebrated at Panchanandapur Sukia High School, Block 2, Kaliachak. This awareness meeting was held under the supervision of Sarva Shiksha Mission.

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