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tease: According to the resolution of the UGK, the presence of five acres of land is mandatory for the college. Otherwise the approval of that college will be cancelled. But now Chanchal College is suffering from shortage of land. So Chanchal college management is afraid of losing approval. Various departments have asked to look into the matter sympathetically.

Chanchal College was established in 1969 around a part of Chanchal Rajbari. In 1976, part of Rajbari was gifted by King Chanchal. The area of ​​which is 6.86 hectares. Later, 6.09 acres of the college land became Khas, like many other royal lands. But a few days ago, the college authorities were shocked to see that the back wall of the college was crumbling. After enquiry, the college authorities learned that out of the 6.09 acres of the college, 5.18 acres of land has been transferred in the name of the law faculty.

So the management of the college together with the district state administration appealed to the Minister of Education. The college, which had more than six acres of land, now has less than one acre of land. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Chanchal Rajbari is the Chanchal District Court. After the purchase of this part of Rajbari in 2012, a court was opened there. The management of the college believes that the government mistakenly transferred the special land of the college to the use of the court in the name of the Faculty of Law. However, acting principal of the college Ajit Kumar Biswas said, “I came to know about it a few days ago. Meanwhile, apart from the education minister, I have approached the higher education department for a solution. He said that he took responsibility for several years, the acting director did not tell him anything about it. Shanta Chhetri, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gauteng, had this to say: “I have heard about it. He must be met by any means.”


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