Charging for £45-a-month gym lockers Five more things grab your f**king piss | Pro IQRA News

Charging for £45-a-month gym lockers Five more things grab your f**king piss

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LIFE contains delightful wonders, outweighed by little irritations like these:

Charging for lockers in the gym which is £45 per month

Claiming a fifty-pound thick end to stand in line to get cross-legged and intimidate the weights is tough. Adding a monthly checkout privilege joining fee is extortionate. Then asking for a pound for the locker is so rude that it makes you stop working completely.

Second pre-roll ad on YouTube

The first pre-roll ad makes you sigh in frustration, but it’s a fair trade-off for free videos. All you have to do is wait five seconds for the skip ad button to hit. The second can go f**k itself forever. It makes you so angry that you’re almost tempted to consider joining YouTube Premium, but £11.99 a month is an anomaly.

Online booking fee

The extra fee when booking the party turns a reasonable bargain into a case against capitalism. When is an additional “shipping fee” added for you to print your tickets at home? On your printer, what would you have to pay anyway for return functions? To email a PDF?

Parking at Alton Towers

You don’t even want to go to Alton Towers. I wanted to stay home and not spend three hours waiting for 42 seconds of adrenaline. However, there you go, being asked seven more bounties on top of the hundreds you’ve already collected. The sour taste lingers for the rest of the day.

Anything that requires subtle change

It’s the future. Nothing has to be coin operated anymore. Mainly because it involves taking cash out and then buying a Wispa to get the right change, good luck with that, because the self service only accepts cards so you’ll have to bother a member of staff who has more important things to do than be your prostitute.

Two-step verification

Online security is important. Entering a code sent to your phone that’s right in the other room is a pain in the ass. Can’t the online world deal with the risks posed by hackers when trying to order a Chinese takeout from Deliveroo? It’s not like you’re entering nuclear launch codes.