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China’s biggest initiative begins construction of artificial moon – Bollywood News

China’s biggest initiative begins construction of artificial moon – Bollywood News

In the present era, the country that has shocked the world with its amazing inventions and constructions is China. And now he is going to perform another feat by making an artificial moon.

This artificial moon will also have the same gravity and atmosphere as the Earth satellite.

It should be noted that a research center is being set up in the Chinese city of Shuzhou where a moon-like environment will be created. And it will be the first research center of its kind in the world to use a magnet to create a moon-like atmosphere.

A vacuum chamber will also house a small moon house in this center. The most important thing will be that it will also have rocks similar to the surface of the moon.

Li Rivlin, a scientist at the China University of Mining and Technology, said the center would help send space projects to China and help understand the mysteries of the universe, such as the construction of the moon. The center will be helpful.

China has launched several space missions and is preparing to launch similar missions in the near future, spending billions of dollars on them, such as launching the world’s first mission in the darkest part of the moon. And the first mission to Mars in 2021.

It is worth mentioning here that China is not only working cross-border with other countries but also with other countries as it announced in 2021 to build a joint research center on the moon with Russia and by 2030 China will have its own space. He also wants to send his arms to the moon.

With this artificial moon-like center, Chinese scientists expect the center to support future missions to the moon, and to play a key role in preparing astronauts for less gravity.

Lee Revlin also said that since heavy and expensive machinery is to be sent to the moon in the future, it would be very helpful to test these machines before they go to the center because it has a moon-like atmosphere.

He also said that this moon-like environment would give us some of the most important clues as to where water might be on the surface of the moon.

Scientists have also mentioned some concerns of the center in which the reduction of gravity is also a challenge for which many more technologies will be developed.

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