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Church is worried about migration of Christian youth in Kerala

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Due to the increasing unemployment in Kerala, an increasing number of youths are going to Europe and Canada in search of work. This has worried the churches there. In such a situation, the churches there try to stop the youth in the state by giving them information about government jobs.

According to the Indian Express report, many people associated with Syro Malabar, the largest church in Kerala, have settled abroad. Among them, the number of people who go to America, Canada, UK and Australia is more. In the last two months, churches have been giving information about state and central government jobs to prevent the increasing exodus of youth. In parallel with this, training is given to prepare the tests to be held for these jobs.

The Church in Kerala has said in the statement, “The youth are going abroad in search of peace and a comfortable life. The migration of the youth abroad has become a question of the existence of the Christian community. Along with the youth, their parents are also going abroad. In such a situation, many houses in the state locked.The church, which is concerned about youth going abroad, in its statement has also mentioned the recruitments being done by the central and state governments.

“Youths are disappearing from our churches,” says priest Jacob Palakkapilly of the Kerala Catholic Bishops Council. Young people go abroad for higher education and jobs. Many students go on visas and then settle abroad. In such a situation, they are also separated from their families. In many Christian families, only the oldest are now left. The people from here who go abroad don’t even send money to their families. This also affects the state’s economy.”

Pastor Jacob Palakkapilly says that migration can be stopped by making the youth aware of government jobs. The Church is making efforts to stop the migration of young people. This issue is taken seriously. According to the survey conducted by Kerala Migration in 2018, about 21 lakh people from Kerala have gone abroad across the world.

Regarding the increasing emigration of youth in Kerala, the chairman of the International Institute of Migration and Development, Professor S. Irudaya Rajan says, “Youth are going abroad for education and work. Earlier it used to be migration at the age of 25. Now even 18 -year-old boys abroad.”

Rajan further said, “I cannot say whether the Church will be able to stop this migration or not. But migration is not a big job. It is rather a struggle to live life in a new way. If a person has traveled abroad there should be reasons because he returned to Kerala. They are not seen here.”