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Panvel: The Puneal Municipal Corporation on Saturday issued a public manifesto announcing a golden opportunity for property tax payers. It has 50% discount in property tax penalty. Taxpayers will be able to avail this discount till September 30. The municipality also said in the manifesto that the taxpayers would have saved Rs 118 crore if they had already availed the 15 percent tax relief.

Puneol Municipal Commissioner Ganesh Deshmukh on Saturday appealed to the tax payers that the last six days are left and the municipality should take 50% off the tax penalty. So far, 66,235 out of 2.5 lakh taxpayers have deposited their property tax in the municipal treasury with various concessions. Of this, 12,061 taxpayers availed 15% concession in property tax, 6,970 taxpayers availed 10% concession and 47,204 taxpayers availed 5% concession. Property tax of Rs 182 crore has accumulated in the municipal treasury in this financial year. It was expected to collect over Rs 800 crore. But since the court proceedings in the Bombay High Court are ongoing, thousands of taxpayers have taken the stand that they will not pay taxes till the court’s decision.

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Tax errors were raised by the petitioners in court.

  • The CIDCO board has asked why double tax should be paid when taxpayers have already paid service charges since 2016.
  • Before the establishment of the municipality, the administration of the SIDCO area was transferred to the local gram panchayats. Many housing societies had paid gram panchayat tax. While disbursing tax levy payments to taxpayers in the CIDCO area by the municipality, tax collection in the old gram panchayats should be phased in over a period of five years.
  • For the first three years after the establishment of the municipality, CIDCO did not send tax notices, tax objections and tax payments to the taxpayers to the settlements. The municipality failed to exclude the entire colony from taxation. Why should taxpayers pay for it? – CIDCO Board has provided many services in CIDCO settlements in municipal sector for the last three to three and a half years. Meanwhile, the service charges have been submitted by the taxpayers to the CIDCO board. Therefore, the municipality should not collect the tax for the last three years.


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