City garbage becomes a problem. Farmers’ accusations – fields are being destroyed, the president said – are trying to find a solution | Pro IQRA News

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Dindori25 minutes ago

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In recent months, the city council has not been able to choose a place to dump garbage collected by the city. For the past few days, people have been throwing garbage on the vacant land next to the Jabalpur-Amarkantak National Highway. That rubbish spreads on the roads and in the fields. Therefore, even farmers are now opposed to throwing away garbage. Farmers were not allowed to throw away garbage on Monday. The chairman assures that a solution to the permanent problem will soon be found.

Farms are destroyed by urban waste

Garbage vehicles from the Dindori Municipal Council have been dumping the city garbage in the empty space behind the jail building for the past few days. That rubbish is now going out into the fields and has reached the top of the road. The stench spreads because of the rotting garbage. Farmers Gulab Singh, Ram Singh, Ganesh Singh told that rice crop is grown in about three and a half hectares of their fields.

The drain got clogged because they threw garbage. Foil and plastic enter our fields. The cattle eat the foil there. This will make them sick. Debris now spreads across the road. Even after repeated refusal, the employee is not ready to join. Argue every day.

Employees said – We follow the orders

Inspector Vijay, who brought garbage from 15 wards of the city in his vehicle, says that for the past few months he has not been able to choose a place to dump the garbage. The people of Jogi Tikaria village quarreled and drove him away, now there is a dispute here too. The officials are expected to find a solution shortly.

Chairman said that the solution will be available within two-three days

Municipal council president Sunita Saras says the district administration and municipal council had built a facility on the hill in Jogi Tikaria village to throw and destroy garbage, but the villagers are protesting there. According to an alternative arrangement, garbage was thrown behind the prison building. There is controversy going on there too. Trying to find a solution soon by talking to officials.