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daytime: The close friends of the chitfund agent beat up the clients when they came to encroach on the land belonging to the chitfund agent. Three motorcycles were damaged. The incident happened on Saturday Dinhat Okrabari Police Station in Hazir Bazar District. As a result of the incident, 3 people close to the agent were seriously injured. All are currently being treated at the Dinkhata District Hospital. A police officer reported that there was a riot in Okrabar. The police went there. The situation is currently under control.

According to local sources, residents of Okrabari Hazir Bazar area deposited money in the chit fund organization through an agent. It is claimed that the money is not being returned, although it was recently demanded to be returned. Arbitration meetings were also held in the village. It is alleged that a few days ago, the clients occupied the land of the cheat fund agent and built a shop without receiving any money. On this day, when the store was moved, close friends of the cheat fund beat up the customers.

Sekender Ali, an agent of Chit Fund Company, said, “Some people in the village have invested in an investment company. They were issued valid documents. But they cannot return the money because of the case in the Supreme Court. Some of them illegally set up shops on my land. They beat me when I went to move today.” On the other hand, a customer named Argina Bibi said, “We deposited money in the exchange fund through this agent. He does not return this money. On that day, when they came and destroyed our shop, the tension spread. The police of Dinhat police station have started an investigation into the incident.

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