CM said he did not attend G20 dinner Flight permission was not given, I tweeted no harm | Pro IQRA News

CM said he did not attend G20 dinner Flight permission was not given, I tweeted no harm

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Jodhpur12 minutes ago

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Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, on the question of not being able to attend the dinner organized at G-20 after being invited, said that I already had programs for Chouradiya and Ramdevra, so I quit and had no intention, he said that if I had gone to the dinner by flying, If we would, we stopped the flight. He also said that it is a strange situation, the flight has been stopped, the permission for the flight has not been obtained, I have given the information by tweeting, there is no harm in. He said this at the press conference organized at Jodhpur Airport. He said the helicopter was supposed to come to Jaipur from Udaipur but permission was not obtained. Tweeting about this, the Home Ministry today tweeted that all flights from the CM were cleared. On the one hand, they themselves refuse, on the other hand, they themselves refuse.

Approval of new roads worth Rs 821 crore

The CM met the media at Jodhpur airport this evening and while talking about Jodhpur’s roads, he said that a budget of Rs 821 crore has been released for new roads. He said there are complaints of broken roads in Jodhpur. When PHED works on the roads, the roads get destroyed. He said that wherever work is going on, roads will be completed there. He said that a meeting has been held regarding this whether it is PhD work or any other institution, after the work is completed the roads should be repaired on time. He said there will be improvements in this now.

Said at Parivartan Yatra that this Yatra is a flop

Describing BJP’s Parivartan Yatra as a flop, the CM said people are getting nervous, very few people are coming. There is no substance to these allegations. He said if there is no strength in the allegations, then how will there be strength in the journey. He said the Hindutva issue is not working. Hindus used to defame us by pretending to be Hindus that only Hindus are there and we are not there, now the truth has been revealed.

Indra Rasoi will open in villages

The CM said that now under the Indra Rasoi Yojana, hot food will be fed to the public in villages as well. He told that this program will be started with the cooperation of women in Rajivika, ten thousand women will get employment tomorrow. He told that our plans are so many that we feel the public will repeat our government.

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