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The price of CNG has been increased by Rs 2 per kg.

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After an increase of Rs 2 in CNG, the price of one kg of CNG in Delhi has gone up to Rs 73.61, in Noida and Ghaziabad to Rs 76.17.

On Saturday amid the continuing inflation in the country Delhi (Delhi) and its surrounding cities CNG (CNG) has been increased by Rs 2 per kg. new prices (New Prices) sunday Will be applicable from 6 am. Whereas in CNG, Rs. After the hike, the cost of one kg of CNG in Delhi will be Rs 73.61, Noida and Ghaziabad Rs 76.17, Gurugram Rs 81.94, Ajmer and Pali Rs 83.88, Meerut, Shamli and Muzaffarnagar Rs 80.84 and Kanpur and Fatehpur Rs 85.40. Has been.

Only last month, the petroleum ministry stopped fresh allocation of natural gas from domestic fields (fields) to city gas distributors (CGDs), leading to record prices of CNG and PNG (pipe-supplied cooking gas). level has been reached. However, the ministry has said that the allocation has not been stopped and supplying more gas to the sector will lead to cuts in supplies for sectors such as power and fertilisers. This move of the Petroleum Ministry has raised doubts about the feasibility of the Rs 2 lakh crore investment plan in the sector.

CNG price hiked by Rs 2 per kg

Price jump due to shortage of gas

At the same time, three sources with knowledge of the matter said that despite the decision of the Union Cabinet to supply 100 percent gas to the urban gas distribution sector on priority basis without any cut, the supply to the area will be done on the basis of the demand level of March 2021. Due to this, the city gas distribution companies have to buy imported LNG at a higher price, which has led to gas shortage and prices have gone up. The ministry said that it is awaiting the updated data from CGD units for October, 2021 to March, 2022, on the basis of which allocation can be made in April, 2022. So far these figures have not been received from these units.

Sources said that the ministry has to allocate domestic gas every six months every year, i.e. in April and October, on the basis of verified demand for the last six months, but since March 2021, no such allocation has been made. The ministry said that the allocation for April-October, 2021 was revised in April last year based on the consumption data for October, 2020 and March, 2021. The urban gas distribution units have requested the ministry to supply gas to the area in the no cut category on the basis of the average of the last two months. This will help them to meet the demand of CNG and PNG.

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