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Coaching centers are worried about the new guidelines Pi News


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Vidheesha Kuntamalla , Abhinaya Harigovind

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Increasing academic pressure on students, For training centers Finance loss and the threat of job loss for many teachers; These are some of the concerns raised by coaching institutes across Delhi-NCR regarding the recent guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education that students below the age of 16 cannot be admitted to coaching centres.

Read in English: Students face more pressure, we face losses: Coaching centers on new guidelines


To meet the need for a legal framework and to manage their unregulated growth, new guidelines have been drafted for the regulation of private coaching institutes. Teachers with less than graduation qualifications should not be employed in any training center. Educational institutions should not make false promises to parents or guarantee rank or good grades to recruit students… Coaching institutes cannot recruit students below 16 years of age.,” So tell the new instructions.

Officials of Noida’s Vidyamandir Training Center informed about thisThis is the rule JEE This will seriously affect the students preparing for the main and advanced exams. Most students turn 16 when they are in the eleventh grade. How can you expect to prepare students for such a difficult exam in one year?? Most of the time, Students studying or passed 12th standard JEE Has the right to participate in the exam. Government, in this case, It is necessary to increase the number of attempts of students to write exams,” they say.

“If this rule comes into force, All institutes should stop training students of class IX and X. It also affects teachers negatively, Because they will be unemployed,” – said the official.

in Noida branch of VMC, now, The official said that about 30 percent of the students studying in this institute are under 16 years of age.

Rahul Gupta, CEO, Students Helper, a Kalu Sarai coaching center that coaches IIT and NEET aspirants.If the ministry does this to reduce the mental pressure on students, I fear this move will backfire. It is very difficult to prepare students for these highly competitive exams in two years. Students should start their preparation from class IX as the school curriculum does not meet the requirements of these competitive exams. This has a negative impact on student attendance, This can affect the business of companies,” he said.

Rahul Gupta says that about 40 percent of the students admitted to his institute are below 16 years of age.9 And 10 Yes He said that they were studying in class.

Rahul Gupta addedStudents from affluent families can afford private tuition for extra tutoring at home. But what about students from small villages who come to Delhi on scholarships to train for their medical and engineering dreams?? Following this rule will only cause more problemsHe said so.

TN Chowdhury, Managing Director, Turning Point Coaching Institute, Bassim Vihar:If there is no training center, They can go to study or arrange online. Training institutes 7 Or 8 Yes Students are taken from the classroom. For younger classes6-8 Class, Students sometimes come to tutor math in the upper grades. Students of class IX and 10 appear for NEET and JEE Basic Practice. “About 10-20 percent of the students who join us will be under 16 years old,” he said.

Students, What do parents say?

Clear NEET in 2023, Says Dev Bhatia from Paritabad studying at AIIMS, DelhiI started practicing when I was 14 years old in the ninth grade. My younger brother joined a coaching center when he was studying in 8th standard, He is currently studying in the 10th grade. I can say it helped me in my NEET exam. Recently, There were reports of suicides in Kota. that is why, It makes sense to avoid additional stress. But it depends on the person, It makes a difference,” he said.

Prakatha Ghosh appeared in NEET last year, He studies at AIIMS, Delhi, He said he joined the coaching center when he was 14 years old. Also, for students who can, They offer additional activities such as Olympiads. But those who don’t like it can leave. There may be additional guidelines at the school level. I don’t think this restriction is necessaryHe also said.

All India Parents Association president Aprajita Gautam said this is a good step by the government to reduce pressure on students. “But there must be checks and balances in the system. The problem often comes in the implementation of the directives., And I hope that the government will identify the problems that are actively contributing to the burden of students,” He said.

Gautam added, His daughter in Delhi practiced to crack NEET, And he reiterated that “our system and curriculum must be strong enough to ensure that no additional training is required.” We need to strengthen our education system so that students can take these competitive exams only through the school curriculum,” He also said.

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