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Air Ambulance NI (AANI), based in Lisburn, is celebrating success at the 2022 Air Ambulance UK Awards.

Moira’s Colin King was named Volunteer of the Year at the UK Air Ambulance Awards for Excellence, held in Birmingham.

Colin’s interest in the Air Ambulance Service and charities began 5 years ago when the service was launched in Northern Ireland. He became a member of Club AANI, giving a direct monthly discount to the service once the program opened and in 2020 expressed interest in volunteering. Since then, the relationship and his support have literally taken off.

Colin supports the charity in many ways including our event photographer, volunteer-designate mascot “Helimed Ted”, assisting with several AANI fundraising events and playing a critical role in helping the charity secure a three-year partnership with Translink.

Coleen King and his wife, Natalie Kennedy

Speaking after the award ceremony, Cullen said: “I am so thrilled to have been selected as Volunteer of the Year and to be able to give this great recognition to NI Air Ambulance. It is a worthy charity and close to my heart. I look forward to continuing to support the team in any way I can.”

Elle Smith, who is just 11 years old, has been named Young Personality of the Year at the awards ceremony,

Ellie from Garvagh, Co Londonderry, lost her father in a traffic collision in February 2019, when she was just eight years old. Since then, Ellie, her older brother Harry, and their mother, Caroline, have become ardent supporters of Air Ambulance NI, supporting fundraising events, volunteering, and organizing their own fundraiser.

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Following in her older brother’s footsteps, once Ellie reached her senior year of elementary school, she decided she wanted to lead her own event. She decides to host a party in honor of what would have been her father Peter’s fiftieth year. The event was a huge success and raised a staggering £16,000 for NI Air Ambulance.

Ellie was thrilled to be presented with the award and said, “NI Air Ambulance is a very special charity to us, they are doing an amazing job. We will do more donations to help save more people.”


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