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Column by N. Raghuraman- Know the rules of ‘opening’ when shopping online | Column by N. Raghuraman: Know the rules of ‘opening’ when shopping online Pi News


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6 days ago

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NS Raghuraman, Management Guru - Dainik Bhaskar

N. Raghuraman, Management Guru

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I recently ordered two bottles of perfume online and received another bottle as a free gift. I was happy and gave the money. As promised, the delivery was within 48 hours and I was pleasantly surprised to find its fragrance wafting through the air immediately after delivery.


I didn’t realize this would really be a problem. Although you can imagine what the problem might be, let me tell you what I do when I receive a product from an online purchase. I first take the label and invoice from it and tear it into several pieces so that no one knows my address from that barcode.

I open the box, straighten it, and put it in the old newspaper so I can give it to the garbage man. Then I throw the paper-polythene from the parcel into the trash and enjoy watching this product. As soon as I opened this package, it smelled strongly and liquid came into my hands, meaning that there were one or more broken bottles inside. Fortunately, only one bottle was broken, that is, the gift bottle was blown away by the wind.

Then my struggle began. At first I was looking for a number on their platform to complain. After 15 minutes of searching, a WhatsApp number was found that claimed immediate response. According to them, I just had to send a greeting and they took care of everything else.

I did so and within a second the assistant answered and said his name. Again, I was happy with such a quick response. He asked: what can I help you with? And I said about the broken glass. After that, the man disappeared for two hours.

Neither a human nor an AI-assisted machine responded with a single line. Either my complaint was unique or the assistant didn’t know what to do with the problem. Around 1 am I got a reply from there asking me to send a copy of the bill I had ripped off. After arguing with him for two hours, I managed to explain why I would separate such papers. Then he asked something that would make anyone shudder.

He asked me to send a video of him opening the parcel and showing the broken bottle inside. He must have felt the bottle fall from my hand and break as I pointed the finger at their transit system. Now tell me who in the world would open the goods after delivery and take a video.

My head started pounding again. Fortunately, I discovered that the inside of the cardboard box was wet, which proved that the bottle had been broken before it had even been opened. I took a video of the bottle breaking and sent it saying that if the bottle had been broken by my hand, it wouldn’t have been wet from inside the carton.

He went to his boss and finally at 4am he promised to replace it within 24 hours and he did. Learning from the previous purchase, this time I started videoing before opening the box and continued to video slowly while opening the box until I saw that the bottle was safe and sound.

The bottom line is this As most sellers in India do not have any packaging regulations, when ordering glass products online, do not forget to take a video of the package being opened. Otherwise, you may end up with more trouble than the actual cost of the item.

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