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Patna: Member, Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library Board-cum-Commissioner, Patna Division Kumar Ravi on Wednesday said that Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library is a wonderful institution of our rich cultural heritage. He visited Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library yesterday. He said that this library is a unique museum of national importance. Coming here, we get the best example of unity in the best culture and diversity of our country.

Commissioner Ravi looked after the administrative and academic activities here. Walk around the Museum Hall and the Rare Manuscript Room. Perused the available books and manuscripts. Dr. Shaista Bedar, the director of the institute presented various books before the commissioner including Taimurnama, Badshahnama, Sirat-e-Firozshahi, Diwan-e-Hafiz, Arabic Manuscripts, Patna in the 19th Century, Hindu Manuscripts, Oldest Dictionary of Hindi, Eminent Visitor’s Book kept for observation. The Director informed that copies of 12 lakh rare books and manuscripts have been digitised. The commissioner got emotional seeing the books and manuscripts. He thanked the director and staff of the institute for preserving these invaluable heritage.

Let us tell you that Commissioner Ravi said that this library is an excellent institution for researchers, teachers, professors and students interested in history. He wrote in the visitor’s book that he was very keen to come here as the District Magistrate of Patna, but his dream came true today as the Commissioner. He said that this library is a huge storehouse of knowledge. It is imperative to promote and protect it for the coming generations. On this occasion, along with the Commissioner, Secretary to the Commissioner SM Kaiser Sultan, Deputy Director IPRD Shri Lokesh Kumar Jha and others were also present.