Commons Speaker Anthony Rotta sat back in his chair after heart surgery Pi News

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Nifising MP and Speaker Anthony Rotta returned to the post on Tuesday after being absent for more than two months due to heart surgery.

When Rota returned to the House of Commons after a successful recovery from his surgery, he received applause.

Heather Bradley, spokeswoman for the Speaker’s Office, confirmed in an email to CBC News that Rota had been missing from the Speaker’s chair for 2.5 months.

The speaker returns to work after bypass surgery

Speaker Anthony Rotta returned to his duties today after undergoing bypass surgery.

Rotta was re-elected to the post on November 22, 2021.

He defeated six other candidates, including Elizabeth May, the Green Party’s parliamentary speaker, to become speaker.

“Thanks again for the confidence you have placed in me as Speaker for a second time,” he said at the time. “I know it will be a treasure for the rest of my life.”