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Mahila Aghadi activists in the city on Friday lodged a complaint with Higher Education and Technical Education Minister Chandrakant Patil against former West Maharashtra Devasthan Samiti president Mahesh Jadhav. Minister Patil assured them that a decision would be taken soon after the talks.

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BJP spokesperson Madhav Bhandari’s lecture was organized at Kesha Rao Bhosle Theater here. After the program ended, Minister Patil left the program venue by car. Meanwhile, a group of BJP women front workers met him and reprimanded him. He made a statement against BJP state executive member Mahesh Jadhav and complained that he was misbehaving. On this, Patil said that BJP is a disciplined party. It should be followed. It is inappropriate to openly express differences within the party. It should be understood that domestic disputes are settled at home. I am aware of it. He assured that we will sit together and discuss it soon.

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Debate of Sectarianism
During the lecture, Bhandari appealed to the party to move forward as a team. But minutes after it ended, factionalism within the BJP spilled out onto the streets and became the talk of the town among workers.


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