Confirmation of the first case of Monkey Pox in UAE Pi News

The first case of Monkey Pox has been confirmed in the United Arab Emirates.

According to the UAE Ministry of Health from Abu Dhabi, Monkey Pox was found in a woman from West Africa.

According to a report by the Emirati News Agency, the Ministry of Health said in a statement that a 29-year-old woman from West Africa was found to be suffering from monkey pox during a medical examination.

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On the other hand, the World Health Organization says that 200 confirmed cases of monkey pox and more than 100 suspected cases have been reported worldwide.

According to the news agency, the Italian Ministry of Health has ruled out the possibility of monkey pox epidemic in the country. Remember that the number of confirmed cases of monkey pox in Italy has reached 6.

There have been 90 reported cases of monkey pox in the UK, seven in France and 11 in Spain.

In Canada, the number of confirmed cases of Monkey Pox has risen to 26. Vaccination of Monkey Pox in the Canadian province of Quebec is starting today.

In the United States, 9 cases of monkey pox have been reported in 7 states this week.


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