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Continued development within regional cooperation

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The importance of the visit and its impact on the region can be gleaned from the meetings between the Foreign Ministers of China and Afghanistan on the same occasion with Pakistan and key figures. The chief appreciated China’s unwavering support to Pakistan on regional and international issues. Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang stressed the importance of long-term strategic relations between the brotherly countries. In addition, Acting Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mutaqi also met Army Chief General Asim Munir. Questions about regional security, border management and mutual interest were discussed there. was discussed. Amir Khan Muttaqi said he wants to work together with Pakistan to promote regional stability and prosperity. Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s Interim Foreign Minister Maulvi Amir Khan Muttaqi visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during which Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari welcomed his Afghan counterpart. A statement from the State Department said the parties discussed bilateral peace and security, trade, connectivity, etc. They discussed important issues of concern, besides reaffirming their determination to continue regular and practical contacts at the bilateral level. The Foreign Ministry spokesperson has said that the two countries also emphasized on expanding bilateral cooperation in the fight against terrorism. In addition to this, they agreed to visit the obstacles in the corridor trade, economic development. It has been said that the main topic in connection with this visit was the stability of the peace in Afghanistan.. The role of the countries of the region, China, Russia, Iran and Turkey, is also considered to be of great importance in increasing the peace process there, especially China with its large economic role and regional cooperation, always with regard to peace in Afghanistan. It has shown a serious role and is still actively working with Pakistan and other partners for the same purpose of the mutual cooperation between regional countries with the promotion of regional peace and trade by exploiting the mineral resources of Afghanistan, Afghanistan cannot only be made able to stand on its own bone, without its importance for regional stability and the promotion of trade is also certain. The international pressure on Pakistan regarding the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is not hidden from anyone, while it is not difficult to understand the impact of Pakistan-Afghan relations on it. The US attitude towards Pakistan has been hostile towards Pakistan and its pro-Indian leanings, while Pakistan is the first priority in China’s regional policy. Therefore, the Chinese Foreign Minister’s visit and the issues of the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor and measures for stability in Afghanistan are the main points of this visit. In addition, Pakistan and China in the tripartite talks agreed on possible measures for peace and stability in Afghanistan and agreed to eradicate the roots of terrorism in Afghanistan.At the same time, the fact that Pakistan is going through difficult economic and financial conditions cannot be denied. In this regard, the promotion of trade between Pakistan and China and especially the improvement of trade relations with Afghanistan are important issues. Both countries are making progress in cooperation and improvement in this sector. Pakistan’s Commerce Minister and his Afghan counterpart recently held an encouraging meeting on trade, customs cooperation between relevant customs and transport authorities, improvement of border arrangements, bilateral trade, tariff reduction, pharmaceuticals. And there have been positive discussions and consultations on various important issues, i.a. meat production. The main objective of the meeting was to ease the situation by removing the obstacles and reducing Pakistan’s trade deficit by promoting economic relations and overcoming the problem of shortage of foreign exchange. Coordination of trade between the two countries will help control the smuggling situation. Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Russia, Iran, trade and economic cooperation is a necessary and important issue for the region. By promoting mutual trade, Pakistan will get the desired benefits like the problem of trade deficit and acquisition of cheap fuel and promotion of trade and the countries of the region will benefit from its fruits. There is peace as the three countries have once again consulted and consulted and reached an agreement, which will result in sustainable peace in the region and further increased regional cooperation will bring stability, the effects of which will benefit the entire region.