Corona can be checked with wine .. This is a new research argument ..

Corona can be checked with wine .. This is a new research argument ..

Scientists around the world have been conducting research for the past two weeks to fight the corona epidemic. There are many studies on drugs, vaccines, food and beverages. Researchers are still struggling to gather enough evidence before reaching the final conclusions about the whereabouts of corona.

According to a recent research article published in the journal Frontiers In Nutrition, wine drinking can protect the corona. People who drink 5 glasses or more of red wine a week have a 17 percent lower risk of contracting the virus. At the same time, they found that drinking beer was 28 percent more dangerous.

According to the British website Mirror, the study was created by analyzing data on British citizens at Shenzhen Kungning Hospital in China. It studies the drinking habits of the British people and their corona history. Red wine contains a compound called polyphenol, which can help stave off the flu and other respiratory illnesses, researchers say. Drinking this drink is also said to reduce the risk of corona infection. Also, scientists say that white wine and champagne can protect us from corona virus infection. According to their research, those who drink 1-4 glasses of white wine or champagne per week reduce their risk of corona infection by 8%.

Drinking beer is dangerous

According to researchers, people who drink beer and fruit juices are 28 percent more likely to get corona. If you have a habit of consuming 5 glasses or more of beer or fruit juice per week .. they are saying that it is better to start taking care from now on. However, research has shown that people who drink large amounts of alcohol are at higher risk of contracting the virus than anyone else.